Friday, November 20, 2009

Pandan Layered Kaya Fudge

A year ago, I made JW an Orange Mocha cakey of which he claimed to have looked really kiddish considering his age. At that time, we weren't very close as friends, but gradually grew a lot closer as we spend more time together. And this time around, he requested for a cake. And on purpose, he "ordered" a pandan layered cake.

He said, "Must have the kaya layer and desiccated coconut one lor, just like Malaysia's one." (Oh, for those of you who weren't aware, I'm currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.)

I panicked for a while because it did sound like an extreme challenge to me, but since I was personally craving for a Malaysian delight, I coolly murmured, "Why not?"

I took on the challenge and firstly tested out the pandan cake a few days before I attempted his birthday cake. It turned out fairly alright, but too green it looks like Mr. Hulk. Plus it was quite dense and not as soft as I expected it to be. I revised the recipe, but this time without a trial-and-error test, I made his cake.

There you go, my Pandan Layered Kaya Fudge which turned out really successful. It tasted just like the ones back in Malaysia. :D Although the layers are not very balanced, and it looks a bit ugly, but for an amateur, I'd say I did quite well. :P

At the end of the night, JW said, "I am very impressed. I was actually just teasing you, and I didn't expect you to really bake me one. But it was really good." The entire night, I was literally floating on a large fluffy cloud named Number Nine. :D

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