Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiramisu Torte

Remember my previous attempt with Tiramissyou? It has since became a staple dessert in my family and everyone loves it! Even my friends love it too. :D

I served Adam, who was at my place for poker session, a slice of my Tiramisu Torte. And he was like, "Whoah, damn nice. Where you buy from one?"

I smugly replied, "I baked it lah!" But he didn't believe me. He thought I was pulling his leg until I showed him the rest of the cake still sitting on the mould's removable bottom, did he buy my words. "Seriously, you bake one ah? Damn nice leh. Can I have somemore?"

For someone who was vain enough to be on a strict diet, yet asking for another slice, that must have meant something!

I was feeling so triumph! Although it's almost a year away, I'm already planning to bake him a whole Tiramisu Torte for his coming 21st birthday in December. :D
So, what more could have been a better gift for a special someone? ;)

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