Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The warehouse-turned-cafe Krimper

You know what's the best things about being unemployed? Being able to catch up with friends for brunch or lunch and chat away without having to be conscious of the time.

And also, being able to blog as I wish! No excuses of me being tired or having no time now, because I've got all the time in the world.

It's pretty cool, I feel like a uni student all over again, except this time I have got no assignments or deadlines heh! #lifeisgood

I've just returned from a catch up with a family friend, and here I am blogging about my new and uber rad discovery - Cafe Krimper.

Cafe Krimper is located in the CBD (rather close to Melbourne Central) but hidden away in a spot along Guildford Lane, off Queens Street.

We walked through the large wooden door, into this spacious warehouse-turned-cafe, mesmerized at how cool the place was.

Exposed brick wall, concrete floor, wooden tables, with warm hued bulbs and vintage flying saucers hanging from the industrial-like ceilings. Wow, it's like walking into, a wood gallery almost. Or maybe into another world, if you like? ;)

My adventurous thoughts aside, we were welcomed by a bubbly waitress and upon perusing the menu, I was so excited to find that Krimper serves my fav Proud Mary coffee and Mörk hot chocolate! I had to have the best of both worlds - so I ordered a cuppa lovely mocha.

We wanted something light so to start, we shared a Bircher Muesli that came with a good serve of mango & lime salsa, then finished off with some slivered almonds and micro herbs garnishing. It wasn't just healthy and refreshing, tasted good too!

We then ended our meal on a sweet note with this beautiful Tarte Tatin. The beautifully poached pear went so well with the sweet vanilla mascarpone. Yummmmo!! *rubs tummy gleefully*

I had such a good time - great catch up, good food, friendly service, interesting space... More than I could ask for. :)

Krimper on Urbanspoon
It was my first time at Krimper, but definitely not my last. It sure is another hidden gem in the CBD I wished I knew about earlier.

Krimper Cafe is opened all week long, from morning till evening so pop by in whenever you get the chance. Highly recommended! :)

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