Sunday, February 16, 2014

Seoul Metro in Melbourne

I recently discovered Seoul Metro and decided to drag The Boyfriend there with me for our Valentine's Day dinner.

After splurging so much for my birthday dinner at Vue de Monde, we both decided that something simple and comforting would do.

After all, every day with him should be like Valentine's Day right? I mean one shouldn't wait for a "special occasion" to show your partner how much you love him/her.

I remember telling him something along the lines of "It's okay if you don't buy me roses on V-day, I'd much prefer if you buy randomly on a non-occasion day". Because it's cheaper! Haha, and it also means for the same amount of money spent, I might be able to receive moreeeee roses lol.

But I say only, when The Boyfriend arrived with this bouquet of beautiful pink roses, I was so super duper happy, my heart went dup dup, dup dup! Super like! Thank you, my love. :)

Anyways! Back to Seoul Metro...

Seoul Metro is located on Londales Street, with its entrance hidden within a parking lot next to Bread Kingdom.

We ordered a Korean Galbi (beef ribs) hot pot stew to share. For $35, a generous amount of beef ribs, jap chae, carrots, and potatoes were served with two bowls of rice.

It was so comforting, and the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender. Even the broth was so yummy, we were drinking it like soup.

And believe it or not, we enjoyed our galbi stew so much that we returned again today with The Brudder & Dr. JJ, yeap, two days later.

Now that we've got extra mouths to feed, we can order several other dishes to try. Variety is a big win for me! ;)

We kick started our dinner with Seoul Metro's best selling blueberry rice wine. It was a little milky and I also appreciate that it wasn't too sweet - very refreshing indeed!

Their banchan (side dishes) was also super simple but yummy! I super love the mashed potato - so so creamy and delicious. The friendly staff very kindly gave me a refill when requested heh!

The Boyfriend had his eyes set on the cheesy sweet corn - it was pretty good, on par with Gami's but could do with a bit more cheese, I reckon.

I also had to order one of my staple Korean dish - jap chae! I have a strong fascination with these sweet potato noodles, and I order them at every single Korean restaurants I go to.

I have even tried replicating it at home but my version seems to be missing an 'oomph' factor. Anyone can tell me what the secret ingredient is, please? *puppy eyes*

Dr. JJ on the other hand, demanded for a plate of pork bulgogi. Man, it was spicy!! My mouth was on fire at first bite so I tried to stay away as my tummy has been a little upset of late but the boys enjoyed it.

The Brudder did not want anything in particular so I jumped in and ordered the duk gahng jung - deep fried chicken and rice cakes drizzled generously with spicy sweet sauce. It wasn't too spicy thankfully, just enough to give me that chilli kick satisfaction.

Seoul Metro on Urbanspoon
All in all, we really enjoyed Seoul Metro - service was friendly, shop was cozy, food was pretty good and reasonably priced too. It really is a hidden gem! We'd be coming back for sure! :)


msihua said...

Sounds like a lovely meal and great idea! We usually avoid going out on Valentines :P

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a delicious meal! And those flowers are just stunning too-lovely picture!

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