Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Boyfriend and I are big fans of Korean food - he loves his fried chicken and I do my favourite beef bulgogi.

On Fridays when we head out for dinner after a week long of home cooked food, we like to try new places although every now and then we go back to our list of Korean fav staples like Joomak or Mook Ji Bar (both of which I love but have never blogged about).

Several weeks ago, we decided to give Chimac a try given the positive recommendation our friends have provided us with and of course also the awesome reviews on Urbanspoon. But maybe it's us, because I don't think we enjoyed it as much as everyone else did.

The soy and garlic Korean fried chicken was tasty, but not as crispy as I'd like them to be. Not often you will hear me say this, but I think I must prefer Gami's.

I also noticed that the portion size was a tad smaller even though they are priced almost the same. I guess if I ever crave for them, much to the Boyfriend's delight, I will be heading to Gami.

The Beef Bulgogi on the other hand, was yum and meat was tender - only complaint? It was very very sweet, so sweet I had to order a serve of rice to balance it out a little.

Yeap, can't believe this is coming from a sweet tooth like myself. The Boyfriend who loves his sugar more than I do, gave it the thumbs up.

We also order a Spicy Pork Ta-Kor which really is just Korean style tacos which we didn't really appreciate or enjoy. It was not only quite a mess to eat, but I've had better spicy pork bulgogi. All I could taste was HEAT and SPICE and more HEAT!

Overall, I guess I'd say food was pretty decent, but nothing too exciting in my opinion. I am pretty sure I won't be rushing back.

The place however was quite cute! It was small but cosy; the decor was quite funky and does have a Korean touch to it - great ambience to catch up with friends over fried chicken and beer. And well, I couldn't help add this funny drunk chicken stamp on! xD

Service though was a bit of a let down. Although the staff were really friendly, service was slow as I believe they were a tad understaffed when we visited. Drinks did not arrive, and it took us a while to be able to flag down one of the staff to make our order or ask for water.

Chimac on Urbanspoon
Would I come back? Probably not. I think I'd be able to find much tastier KFC elsewhere.

But if you're keen to give it a go, don't forgot to call to reserve a table. Like I said, the place is small and you don't want to arrive and not be able to dine as there aren't many alternatives nearby.


Fion Paris 별 ☮ said...

this is the one near victoria market???

The Bakeanista said...

Hi Fion, yes it is! Right opposite. Have you tried it yet?

msihua said...

Wheee another Korean joint to check out!

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