Friday, June 22, 2012

Bluestone Restaurant

I personally think the gesture of buying your other half dinner is really sweet and although I love to be pampered, I am a strong believer that we shouldn't let the guy foot the bill every single time.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do the "guy's thing", and so I bought the Boyfriend dinner instead. ;)

I took the Boyfriend to Bluestone Restaurant on Flinders Lane and were welcomed with two glasses of bubbly to start with.

Fresh warm sour dough was served with olive oil and the wait staff kept coming back to offer more throughout dinner. That was enough to keep me smiling. 

The Boyfriend often say to me, "Don't fill yourself up with too much bread!" But I almost can't help it. As long as I am served with warm bread, I'm happy. :D

Thankfully, the entree did not take too long to arrive at our table otherwise I would have fed myself with too much bread.

The Boyfriend had the purple risotto served with mushroom, black garlic and chartreuse reduction.

It was the first time we've ever had purple risotto, and hey, it was good! All the elements complimented this dish very well. Yay!

I can't say the same for the smoked ocean trout, served with salmon roe sitting atop deviled quail eggs though. I felt like the smokey-ness of this dish was overpowering, it kind of ruined the entire thing. Nay.

As you would have guessed (if you knew me well enough, that is), I was eyeing the Boyfriend's risotto and my fork constantly found its way over to his plate. :P

For mains, the Boyfriend had the char-grilled scotch fillet which he wanted served medium rare. To our surprise, the steak was beautiful - juicy and tasty. Yay!

I had the butterfish, served alongside salad and finished off with buerre blanc. The buerre blanc was quite tasty, but I thought that this dish was way too salty for my liking. Nay.

And to finish off, we shared the dessert platter for two. From top to bottom: lemon cheesecake, white chocolate bavarois, pavlova with coffee filling, and lastly chilli + coriander sorbet.

I did not enjoy the desserts at all. The cheesecake was too rich and cheesy, even the Boyfriend being a big fan of cheesecake, didn't like it. And the white chocolate bavarois was just bland and tasteless. Meh.

And yeah, although the pavlova didn't look that appetising, but I have to say it was the one that stood out most amongst all four. The coffee filling did the trick, me thinks.

As for the chilli and coriander sorbet, don't get me started. After the first mouthful, the Boyfriend said it was "quite refreshing" but he did not go back for seconds. Hmmm?

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2 yay's VS 3 nay's - I'm not sure if I'll be returning anytime soon, or at all. I think it is important to note though that service was awesome and ambience was perfect for a date.

Perhaps if you're after above average meal, you could give Bluestone a go. Bonus if you have the Entertainment Book, as you'd be entitled to 25% discount off the total bill. 

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