Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Pony

So, for months I've heard friends rave on and on about the Snow Pony cafe located on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn.

I've had it on my to-eat-list for ages and the boyfriend finally brought me there one fine Sunday morning for brunch. :)

The boyfriend and I both had the mocha and surprise surprise, they came with really pretty coffee art.

It might not have been the best mocha I've had but nothing quite like a good cuppa mocha to kick start my Sunday morning! ;)

The boyfriend opted for the Mc' Pony – English muffin stuffed with ham off the bone, emmental cheese and creamy dreamy scrambles.

I had a bite (or maybe two) and whilst I have to admit that it didn't have a WOW factor to it, but it was still nice nonetheless. Def better than Macca's McMuffin! ;P

The Giddy Up, on the other hand, was beautifully done. The eggs were perfectly poached with the rich and running yolks oozing out. Love!

The bacon was how I like them to be - crispy. And of course the thick cut toast that went perfectly well with the avocado and thyme buttered flavourful mushrooms.

The portion was a little too big for me, so I gave half to the boyfriend who wasn't filled up enough with just a McPony.

Snow Pony on Urbanspoon

My verdict? Food was good; Snow Pony delivered well and lived up to my expectations. :) Also not to forget, the staffs were very friendly and it has a nice rustic ambience.

Would I return? I will, if the boyfriend is willing to drive me there again. And yes, definitely recommended to give it a go. :)

You won't miss this quirky lil cafe with this snow pony standing tall above the shop! Very cute, don't you think? ;)


Michelle Chin said...

Jealous! You have access to a car now!

The Bakeanista said...

Hahaha, but you have to note that I have a very lazy boyfriend. :P

Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

Glad to see you blogging again :) This is one of my favourite cafes near where I live ~ But it's always so packed!

The Bakeanista said...

Awww thank you Daisy! :) Glad to be back too. Is it really always packed? I must have been really lucky to score myself a table that day then!

The Boyfriend said...

The boyfriend denies that he is lazy! The boyfriend is now grumpy.

The Bakeanista said...

HAHAHA! Hello stalker boyfriend! Why deny the truth? It's bad to tell lies, y'know? :P

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