Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kokoro Ramen

It was pouring cats and dogs, just like any other cold, wintery day in Melbourne. We were craving for something soupy and I remembered a friend mention Kokoro Ramen - of which popped up in my mind as I was tossing between a couple of other options.

It could have been because it was late at 2.30pm, but the restaurant was empty. We were greeted with a loud hello in Japanese by all the staff who then presented us with the menu.

There were a huge variety of 20+ ramen's, with four different types of stocks to choose from:
  • Tokyo - Pure Chicken & Seafood Stock
  • Tonkotsu Shio - Salt base Pork & Chicken Stock
  • Tonkotsu Shoyu - Soy Sauce base Pork & Chicken Stock
  • Tonkotsu Miso - Soybean Paste base Pork & Chicken Stock

We pretty much decided on our ramen based on the ones that were stamped with 'Kokoro Recommendation'.

Spicy Mince Pork with Tonkotso Miso base 
I'm not particularly sure what James thought of his ramen but he polished his bowl clean. I can't remember if he said it was good, or it was because he was starving.

One thing I do remember though, he said that the broth wasn't spicy enough and he kept adding more chilli flakes. Mad. 

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Tokyo base
The soft shell crab was crispy on the outside and juicy when bitten, but the soup was way too salty. The noodles the Boyfriend had seemed to be overcooked and was way more soggy than ours.

Pork Belly with Tonkotso Shoyu base
Pork belly was tender and soft, just like how I'd expected it to be. But unfortunately, the noodle wasn't as al dente as I'd like it to be - it was a tad bit too firm for my liking.
Overall, I'd say I wasn't impressed. I didn't like it nor hate it. There was no consistency to the quality, broth and noodle.

Yes, the portion was quite generous, and I was really stuffed at the end of my meal, but it was still a tad too pricey at the range of $13-15.

Whilst it wasn't the best ramen I've had, it was pretty alright. Not sure if it is 'authentic' as I've never tried the real Japanese ramen before.

Kokoro Ramen on Urbanspoon
If you're around the corner, you could either pop by or walk slightly further to Ramen Ya or Ajisen Ramen.

Wouldn't say you're missing out on anything if you didn't make a visit. But at least it was a good choice on a rainy day, that's for sure.

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Michelle Chin said...

according to my sister, ramen at ramen ya tastes better if you go there after peak hours...

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