Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

Do you remember my previous attempt at Zumbo's pear perfection following all the hype from Junior Masterchef and how I wasn't quite that satisfied with the result?

I made it a point to visit Zumbo to try out his version to see how different our creations can get. His obviously looked way more presentable (below) and something you'd be more willing to pay $9 for.

But once you taste it, you'd be highly disappointed. At least Eddie and Jenna were. It sadly did not live up to our expectations and sad to say,  it did not have the 'WOW!' factor. It just wasn't that BOM BOM POW good as we thought it would be given all the hype from Masterchef.

To be honest, after tasting Zumbo's pear perfection, I don't think I did very badly with my pear imperfection. In fact, I am pretty proud of myself! :P (Not in any way trying to blow my own trumpet here!)

Of course, being the greedy pig that I am, I did not stop at one. I had the Raspberry Storm Cloud - raspberry meringue, yogurt mousse and raspberry gel. It was good, but just not overwhelmingly good enough to blow me away.

The Mango Mousse Cake was really really luscious though. I enjoyed every single bit of this and would love to have more, except my tummy was THIS close to bursting.

AZ's macarons have earned a hell lot of praises from foodies in Melbourne. Yes, they were good, but well, I wouldn't label them as the best just like many others have.

There isn't sufficient filling as you can see, and taste-wise, it was a little too sweet for my liking. Then again, everyone's taste is different. Like the idiom that goes - one man's poison, can be another man's medicine. ;)

So while I was highly disappointed compared to the first time I was there back in 2009, there's something from AZ that I really loved and will always remember - this caramel drizzled eclaire. It was the ultimate bomb that sent me to sweet heaven! And this is coming from someone who doesn't take a liking to caramel.

And the passionfruit tart that my friend so kindly brought back to Melbourne for me last Spring - I loved every bit of it! :)

Adriano Zumbo is good - and I'm saying that without a shadow of doubt. But if you have expectations that sky-rockets way too high up above the line, you might be slapped hard with disappointment.

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What I'd say is to go with an open heart, then you'd probably enjoy it a lot more. After all 90% out of 54 people loves it! :)


Michelle Chin said...

If you read Duncan's Syrup and tang blog, you'll realize most of the macarons in australia are not as good as what most people say.

I have to say, the best I had so far is the one I had in hong kong.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Yeah I read quite a while back, but Luxbite is pretty good. :) And I love La Renaissance too. But still can't wait till I get to Paris to try to real thing!

nana0709 said...

the passionfruit still too sweet for me! >.<...and that was how i remembered it to be..sadly..and i think that was how i remembered all the pastries we tried at zumbo to be...sadly again..T.T

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Maybe the sweetness from the macarons were still lingering on your tastebuds! :P

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