Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sydney: Top 10 to-eat-places! ;)

I've had readers coming up to me requesting that I share my Sydney itinerary with them which thus, inspired me to come up with this top 10 favourite dining places post. Click on the light blue links to read more about the respective cafes/restaurants. :)

Disclaimer: This top 10 favourite to-eat-places in Sydney are merely just my recommendations based on my dining experiences there. I am not claiming to be the you-know-all but I hope this will help those who are going for a free-and-easy holiday and would love to try out as much as they can, but is not quite familiar with the place. May I place an emphasis that everyone's tastes and opinions are different, so that means what I deem is yummeh might not be the same for you. But of course, I hope you'll enjoy my recommendations. (:

My #1 - Bourke Street Bakery 

There's a reason as to why BSB sits as my number 1 - because the above gave me a tartgasm! I can proudly say that Bourke Street Bakery's a gem!

I wished I had more tummy space to stomach in some sausage rolls too, but after 5 tarts and with dinner in an hour's time, I had to control and stop myself from indulging too much with a pinky promise to myself that I will be returning soon. And I will. Soon.


My #2 - Cafe Sydney

Perfect ambience - TICK.
Fantastic view - TICK.
Excellent mains - TICK.
Absolutely divine desserts - TICK!!!

Because I've got friends of whom had difficulty locating Cafe Sydney, I thought this might be of a little help. :) While you're at this area, might as well spend some time at Circular Quay.

You can visit with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I'd recommend to also head over to The Rock for La Renaissance while you're there to take away some macarons, or you may opt to chill at the cafe. Then perhaps, to Lowenbrau for dinner after. 


My #3 - Plan B

B.O.B Wagyu Burger - A MUST-HAVE!!! Ah yes, you must be wondering, what the heck does B.O.B stands for? Well, it's my acronym for 'best of the best'. Need I say more? ;)

The Queen Victoria building is only a mere 5 minutes away, so I would suggest to head over for a look-see. Then catch the bus from QV bus station (sorry, I forgot which bus number to take, but ask around, the locals might be able to help you) either to Adriano Zumbo or Paticceria Papa. Should take you only 20-30 minutes.


Having tried macarons in a few places, I dub La Renaissance as my top favourite macaron place. And the best by far - they're not hard, yet not soft either. They were spot-on, with a nice crisp that makes you go "WOW" as you bite into them.


My #5 - Adriano Zumbo

To be really frank with you, Adriano Zumbo Patisserie is sitting up here as my #5 favourite not so much for how good his desserts taste but more so because I admire him a lot.

I really really give it to him, I mean he really is talented and is very innovative and creative with his creations. I salute him for being able to whip up such beautiful yet edible art.

And I'm gonna confess that deep down inside, I believe that the desserts which doesn't taste as good as I expect them to be are not made by him.

After all, he has a few shops to run, so I believe he would surely delegate some desserts to his apprentice or staff. Haha yes, I am biased like that. Because to me, he is like a hero - he is my Culinary Arts Hero. :P


My #6 - East Ocean

I have never tasted an egg custard bun this scrumptious before. Nuff' to convince you, no? Everything was so good that I have nothing much to comment on East Ocean except to say that it's a family favourite and that I've been there for more than 10 times? Haha.


My #7 - Lowenbrau

If you're up for some German beer and sinful pork indulgence, there is no other better place to go if not to Lowenbrau. Best if you go with a bunch of friends to enjoy the entertaining activities up front the restaurant. ;)


My #8 - House

If you fancy Thai (and I mean authentic Thai), House could be your dinner option after an absolutely heart-filling tea time at Bourke Street Bakery, provided you don't go crazy and have 5 tarts in a go like I did. Although chances are, you just might... Then I'd suggest to just go for the gai yang (above picture)! :P

Just a recommendation, you may opt to spend your day at Surry Hills area for a day visiting Cafe Ish for brunch then spending some time at Chinatown, Market City, and Paddy Market before going up to Bourke Street Bakery then House for dinner.

You can then take a stroll over to Darling Harbour for a breezy walk, sit down by the water to let the wind caress your face as emo thoughts fill your mind. When you think you've had enough, head to Pancake Parlour for desserts if your tummy permits.


My #9 - Radio Cairo

I do not have a proper post nor do I have any food-pornography to share, but this is a place that I'd love to return to again.

It's a mix of Caribbean, Indian and African inspired and may I say that I think their ribs tasted so much better than the overrated Hurricanes? ;)


My #10 - Wagaya

Good, affordable sushi place with hi-tech ordering system - because it is so cheap for the quality & quantity you're getting, you might find yourself returning time and again; just like I did. ;)

Although chances are pretty low, but if you're not already stuffed from all that good sushi at Wagaya, I'd say head over to Chat Thai for some dessert. But don't say I didn't warn you... The queue might just be crazy, you'd be better off taking away.

I'd suggest not to head back to your hotel. If you haven't already done so, take a slow walk over to Darling Harbour and if you wish, head up to Star Casino to try your luck! Who knows you might be lucky enough to win yourself enough to cover all your food expenses? ;)



And if you have extra time, head over to the University of Sydney to take some pretty pictures! Do remember to head in to the Quadrangle Building, you'd be surprised to note that it is a university. ;)

And while you're at that area, on King Street specifically, you might want to head over to Newtown for some yummehlicious. Among the popular cafes is Black Star Pastry that stands out with its very refreshing and delicious watermelon cake.


So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my "top 10 to-eat-places in Sydney" post! Yup yup, I know... You're most definitely welcome! ;P I hope you enjoy stuffing your tummy silly!

For other food places, hover over my left-hand sidebar. Those restaurants may not have made it to my Top 10 list, but some of them are pretty good too. Although I wouldn't say the same for Quay. ;)


Michelle Chin said...

Why no tetsuya wan?

Janine said...

Your top 10 list came at a really good time! I'm visiting Sydney in a month's time and I've been looking for new places to head to since I've been to many of the 'popular' food places the other times I visited :)

Just wondering about Melb though - any place you'd recommend for pastries/desserts? I'm a sucker for good cakes!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

That's a good suggestion, I might come up with a post on my fav top 10 places in Melb! :D

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Oh, and Mich Chin, that's a very funny question. I haven't blogged about Tetsuya before also - which also means I haven't been? Haha! So how lah to recommend to people!

Janine said...

I'm heading there mid may :D thanks! will be keeping a close eye on your posts ;p

AlmostAlwaysRavenous said...

yeh top 10 places in melb =)

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