Monday, April 11, 2011

Lowen-what? Lowenbrau!

It's a German restaurant, located at The Rocks, nearby Circular Quay. And what I like about Lowenbrau is that they have really quirky service and activities every night.

Like these really friendly and entertaining guys that welcomed me at the entrance. They actually posed for me to take a picture of them! :P

Throughout dinner, there were performances, drinking competition, and dancing events as well, which is rather fun. Especially if you go with a group of friends, and participate in the fun. :D

Of course, if you're at a German restaurant, you gotta have a drink! I went for the mango beer and my companion chose the Frankenstein. I uber uber uber uber heart the mango beer because of how unique the taste was and I want moreeee of it!

I also chose to have the homemade pretzel for starters but it was just so-so only. I'd prefer Auntie Anne's! :P

For mains, we had the Veal Zurich, which was served with white wine and cream sauce. From what I remember, it wasn't quite too bad, but rather too creamy for me.

And to the highlight of the night... *jeng jeng jeng* the pork knuckle! This was GG, oh-so-darn-bloody-fantastic! No kidding! Even the mash potatoes were good too! And I mean like DAMN GOOD! ;)

Lowenbrau Keller on Urbanspoon
I would definitely return just for the pork knuckles and mash. And perhaps also to give their sausages a go too!


edward said...

give this a try during winter!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Woots! Let's go together? :D

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