Saturday, March 12, 2011

A watermelon cake?!!

I'm still not quite done with my Sydney posts yet. So today, we'll be heading inner west of Sydney, to a small town suburb known as Newtown (which isn't quite too new actually, ha ha, I know lame).

King Street being its main street goes all the way through to the University of Sydney, followed by quite a long stretch of shops and cafeterias. There were so many recommendations that I've read/heard about, but Jenna and I decided to go for Black Star Pastry.

Of course, we had to try their ever famous 'strawberry, watermelon and rose cream cake' that so many people have been raving about.

And yes, it does taste as yummeh as it looks!

I really really loved the flavor combination which was light yet still very scrumptious. Well, particularly because it was my first time ever eating a watermelon cake. Yes I know, my reaction when I first heard of it was:

"What?!! A watermelon cake? For real?"

And then I got pretty excited. I mean I've never came across any cake that uses fresh watermelon as one of its main ingredients, so it definitely was unique and may I add, very refreshing.

No doubt it was good, but the portion was so miserably sad that with two bites, it was gone. And hey, that two bites cost me $6! Good heaven!

Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

But since it's in Sydney, and I don't get to eat it often anyways, I guess I wouldn't mind paying.

Then again, if you were to ask if I'd go back for it, I don't know. Maybe I will, because it's yummeh, but maybe I wouldn't, because it's pricey.

Or maybe I'll get adventurous enough to give it a shot baking this cake with Not Quite Nigella's recipe! Well, just maybe.


carol said...

i really missed a lot of things when i was in sydney for 6 months.. can share your itinerary with me ? i might be in sydney in may for few days..

Michelle Chin said...

Sounds extremely summery!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Hi Carol, I will actually be coming up with a blog post on "Where to eat in Sydney!" :D Will make sure I do that by May, for your sake alright.

Mich, yeap it was! Loved it!

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