Sunday, March 13, 2011

The 'House' on Surry Hills

Our food journey to Sydney continues, and today, I bring to you, 'House', located at Surry Hills.

House serves really awesome Thai north-east street food and it was located only 5 minutes walk away from where we were bunking at during our trip, we actually went there twice!

I thought it was really cute that the sticky rice was served in a bamboo basket. Apparently the bamboo basket helps to keep the rice warm, so I kept going 'open, take a few mouthfuls, close, open, take another few mouthfuls, close'. 

This is the Mok Gai Hua Plee - steamed chicken infused with eschallot, lemongrass, galangal, chilli and kaffir lime leaves, wrapped in banana leaves - which I didn't enjoy at all despite it being very tender. 

It was too spicy for me, and I suck balls when it comes to eating spicy food, so yeah. Plus I think it must be either the lemongrass or galangal which were too overwhelming in flavor, it kinda spoilt the entire dish. Partly because it looks all unpleasant and murky like that. :$

Thank goodness though, the Gai Yang - the chargrilled marinated chicken with jim-jaew dipping sauce - saved the day! This was SO SO SO SO SO SO good and it goes really well with the sticky rice.

Although it is recommended as a great dish to share, I swear I can finish the entire dish all by myself. No kidding! It is that good! ;)

Oh, and while I'm at it, we also had the Moo Ping - tender chargrilled pork skewers - which were too bloody good, we walloped everything before my camera could come into action. 

I apologize for not being able to remember the name of this dish, but I do remember it being yummy. I'm sure you will find it on the menu, either under Fish or Seafood. :P

This Som Tum Thai - green papaya salad - sent Jenna to spicy heaven! She had to hold a tissue in hand, and she obviously needed a hell lot of water which the waitress readily refilled for us. She ended up not being able to finish it, because apparently, it felt like fire blazing fierily inside her mouth. Ha, ha! :P

This is better than sex. No, don't get me wrong, I did not mean it literally. That - BTS - is actually the name of this super soft and buttery french-toasted brioche topped with pandan coconut ice cream.

I quite enjoyed it, but I would have loved it even more if it wasn't that sweet. And because it is also really rich in flavour, I'd advice you to not be greedy, and share the sex love.

I noted that almost every table actually finished off their meal with this dessert. I guess this 18SX dish name really does some wonder!

But weather or not it is really better than sex, I think I'd prefer to leave that up to your wild imagination. ;)

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All in all, I really enjoyed my dinner at House, and I'd definitely head back the next time I'm in Sydney. My dear friend Zefer, of whom is a half-Thai, also reported that the food is rather authentic and I do second that.

Although it is dimly lit, it's not hard at all to find this place. But having said that, I think it has a good atmosphere what with its pretty exterior and lightings. Added on with awesome food and reasonable prices, what's there not to like, really? ;)


Michelle Chin said...

I hate how sydney has good food!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Melb isn't that bad either.

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