Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cafe Sydney

Located just right at the top of the Custom House building at Circular Quay, Cafe Sydney looks out to a magnificient view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House too.

The perfect atmosphere already sits you in a fantastic mood, that even before I was served with my food, I already had a good feeling.

But of course, the food did not disappoint. Not even a tad bit. The peppered beef tenderloin was so uber tender and juicy; its flavor just simply burst in your mouth. Nuff' said.

The jewfish was also surprisingly good. It was perfectly done with a crispy skin and flakey, moist flesh.

Tucked beneath are two really delicate raviolis swimming in a sea of broth that was fragrant and brought out the sweetness of the fish. 

To me, I have always thought that the Asians (mainly Chinese and Japs) can cook fish so much better. But Cafe Sydney proved me wrong. It can also be good in a westernized restaurant. ;)

And to the highlight of the day: the dessert platter, consisting of bread and butter pudding; chocolate brownie; coconut sorbet and panna cotta; blueberry tart with passionfruit ice cream. *slurrpppppppsssss*

Absolutely divine. Every single one of 'em. In fact I'd say, they are one the best desserts that I've ever had. Fullstop.

Well, note that I don't say that very often, especially for desserts, so this has gotta mean something. ;)

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Cafe Sydney wins 5 stars from me! Or if I could, I'd give them 10. That's how much I enjoyed my meal there, and I will definitely go back.

Hopefully that next time, it'll be with my future (non-existent for now) boyfriend. Because heck I think the atmosphere there is quite romantic and it's a place I'd love to bring my him to!

Or should I put it this way... It's a place I'd love for him to bring me to, and I hope whoever he is, he reads this somehow. ;P


Michelle Chin said...

Hopefully, you'll find that someone!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Haha, I better hope so. Otherwise, I'm gonna be that LONELY OLD GRUMPY WOMAN next time. :P

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