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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tira... I miss you!

My favourite cake ever - I've always loved Tiramisu, and still do a lot. Over the years, I've been wanting to bake it but somehow, I dare not try. No idea why either, guess it's cox I have especially high expectations.

But today I gave it a go, and voila! I succeeded! :D Not to say top class quality, but my mum enjoyed it. Even the brudder who doesn't like Tiramisu said yum - he had a few servings, which was very flattering!

The cocoa powder melted a tad bit on the topping. :( But I didn't want to add more to cover the damp parts. I know it looks quite horrible, but it's my first attempt! Hmmm, it's not too bad for an amateur, eh? *giggles* :P I'm happy, but there are still room for improvements!


fujoshime said...

look you sell the whole cake!if you much and do you put wine inside the cake??

The Bakeanista said...

Hi Fujoshime,

It depends on the size of the cake you require. And nope, I don't put any alcohol in unless required. :)

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