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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Milo Fanatic Cuppies

How many of you are Milo fans? I bet not many really adore the drink. But I do. Alot indeed. I drink a cup of Milo daily, sometimes 2 cups even.

I eat plain bread with Milo, by either dipping it into the hot drink or spread the Milo powder onto my bread like jam. I make Milo Shake too - absolutely adores it, but it's really fattening so I've got to cut down. *boohoo!* And then, my wacky mind led me to the idea of making Milo cuppies!

Am I Milo Fanatic enough for you, cuppie toothies out there?

I was standing by to oven, anxiously waiting for the cuppies to bake when my brother popped over to have a peek. He said they look like boobies with the chocolate chip button as a nipple. That's a very notti boy of him! *smacks brudders buttocks*

I was playing with my camera focus, trying to improve my photography skills. But it didn't work, did it? The background is still very clear to me and the cuppie in front is not very much focused I would say. I'll try better next time, pinky promise! :)

A closer shot, to make you drool and wet your tee! Oppsie, that came out pretty wrong! *giggles* Thanks to Picasa tools, I managed to blur the background and put the focus on the cuppie. Hippie hurray! Alrightey, I'm off to get my daily dose of Milo drink! Toodles! :)

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