Sunday, October 26, 2008

Volcanic Chocolate-Strawberry Island

"What's your favourite cake, Herng? Do you want to try an orange flavoured one?" I asked.

"Har?" he gasped and said, "I don't want an orange cake! I don't like orange. My favourite fruit is strawberries. Can I have strawberries instead?" Then he thought for a tad while with his pointy finger on his chin then continued, "I like Chocolate Cake! But not the one from the toilet lah," my couzie said with a smirk.

I looked up recipe after recipe to combine both chocolate and strawberry into one cake. And finally I came up with a decision. I'll bake a chocolate cake and have a layer of cream with strawberries in the middle. But the problem is, I've not baked any layered cake before in my entire baking history. "Everything has its first time, sweetie," my mum said encouragingly.

"Give it a try, if the cake don't turn out well, we'll pop by the nearest bakery to get Herng another cake. Deal?" DEAL! I got up early to get my ingredients all well-prepared then started the whole process. And here's the result of my 2-hour-plus effort:

The name of the cake was dubbed by my brother. Well, it was because the cake looked hideously volcanic before the decorations was up. And my smartie-pants brudder said that the creamy strawberry circling the cake makes it look like an island. That was pretty much how he creatively came about naming the cake as such: Volcanic Chocolate-Strawberry Island.

My 8yo little couzie loved the cake very much. He took servings after servings. He dig into them for breakfast, pushing his cereals aside and even had the cake for dessert after a heavy dinner. He told me, "This is one of the best birthday cake I've had." The smile on his face was enough to melt my heart as well as the time taken in the kitchen. I'm happy my effort paid off. :)

The middle cream layer is made arduously with mixing white chocolate and cream. It took a lot of work, but the end result was all worth the perspiration which drizzled down my temple throughout the beating process. One word - luscious. ;)

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