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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rocky Crunch Cookies! :D

This is my very first feature, and also one of my favourite cookie. :)

Have a break, have a cookie! :D

You can eat cookies at any time of the day now - be it coffee breaks, as a snack, for dessert or can even be given as a gift too. :D I personally snack on them and I nibble until my kitchen assistant yells at me.

Well, I practically eat them, one after another, non-stop! They're irresistibly yummy! I kid you not, really. Which pretty much explains the sinful kilos I'm putting on. :P

The Bakeanista is currently a little too busy with her hands all floury and buttery. More pictures and updates coming up, I pinky promise!

P/S: As you might have noticed, The Bakeanista uses a hell lots of smileys, so do bear with her. Teehee! :D

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