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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Banana Fritters

I've been craving for the food back home. The authentic Malaysian food which you can hardly find here.

Yesterday afternoon, I craved the weekend hong-dao-sah (red bean soup) available at a coffee shop nearby my house. I then decided to cook my own, and it turned out really great.

And today, I craved for something else - goreng pisang. Or also known as banana fritters.

No idea why the banana fritters sold here in Australia doesn't taste good AT ALL, and they're always priced between $4.00 to $6.50. Convert and you'll feel my pain.

So today, I gave it a try on my own. All you need is lots and lots of bananas which Alex and I got at a bargain from the market this morning.

Next, you need the suitable and simple batter which I just simply picked from the whole list of goreng pisang recipe I found online.

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and coat as many banana halves as you want in the batter.

I was pretty excited, and was hoping that it would turn out well. Otherwise my effort just buhbye.

Get the oil ready and hot for deep-fry, and slowly put the coated bananas in, several at a time.

Leave the bananas to fry for three to four minutes, while turning it around every now and then til it turns golden brown. Remove and drain on crumbled kitchen paper.

Tadah! My very yummy crispy and golden brown goreng pisang which tasted soooooo eff-ing yummylicious.

The brudder invited his friend over to nom too. Quote Edwin, "Even better than Laksa King's one. Can I have more? So nice leh!" YAY!

Ahhhh yum! The more burnt it is, the better it will taste. Just be prepared to get a sore throat after, which I reckon was way worth it. :P

Now I need to go look for the batter recipe, no idea where it is.

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