Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Big Sugar Salt Cafe (LBSS)

I am starting to realise a new trend in cafés these days - and that's healthier menu options offering meals with superfood as well as dishes that supports different types of diet, such as gluten-free for example.

LBSS is one of the cafés that has jumped onto this bandwagon, and as I have heard, are doing exceptionally well at that.

I've never actually noticed LBSS even though The Boyfriend and I drive through Victoria Street twice or thrice a week. It's easy to miss, with it being surrounded by all the Vietnamese stores. I wished I've found out bout them earlier, but y'know, it's not too late now. ;)

The café's menu works just like how its name suggest - Little, Big, Sugar and Salt. So the menu is categorised into Little Sweet and Big Sweet for those with a sweet tooth, and Little Salt and Big Salt for those who prefer savoury.

I particularly like how they have a healthier take on the menu with gluten free and dairy free dishes for those who are a little more health-conscious, and on the other end of the spectrum, something as indulgent as the triple deck cheesy Croque Monsieur for the rest who just want good food regardless.

So, you see, LBSS really stands out in comparison to other cafés because there's something for everyone. Anyhoos! Let's get started with the food!

It's not often you get to enjoy a cuppa guilt-free hot chocolate that actually taste this good! LBSS make their hot chocolate without sugar; just cacao, dates and almond milk that they make in-house.

Everything in there is good for you, although to be honest, I was a little sceptical at first when I studied the ingredients... But all it took was one sip, and I was sold.

We decided to go with a big savoury dish, and the 'Dr Ron Swanson' really stood out for me - a triple decker Croque Monsieur with a bacon wallet (!!!) of gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce and slow roasted pork hock, then finally topped with a sunny side up.

It was so amazingly good, I simply have to share this close up shot I took of The Boyfriend just digging right in. A generously serving that will definitely fill you up, and tasty at that too.

Of course I'd want something sweet, and considering how generous the Dr Ron Swanson was, we decided a little one would be enough.

Whilst I am not usually a crumpets person, The Boyfriend did seem like as though he had his eyes locked on them so I erm, reluctantly agreed.

I'm glad I did though. These beautifully presented crumpets, served with grilled banana, ricotta, pistachio and orange reduction might have just changed my mind about crumpets.

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All in all, a great experience in LBSS for The Boyfriend and I. We are giving them two thumbs up for their great food and friendly service. This was our first visit to LBSS and it will definitely not be the last.

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