Friday, July 4, 2014

Bistro K does modern Korean

I've been on a K-food streak for as long as I can remember. And The Boyfriend was no doubt influenced by this addiction that I have.

For his birthday back in March (yes, I am embarrassed at how overdue this post is), I wanted to take him somewhere fancy, but he wanted Korean. Problem is, we don't have that many fancy Korean restaurants so I sure was glad when I found Bistro K.

The menu did sound rather sophisticated, broken down into salads to start, medium plates to share, and finally mains (traditional/modern) with sides and desserts. And with a reasonable price tag to boot too!

Whilst we would usually skip drinks, since it was a night to celebrate, we decided to go with their popular apple and lime soju as per recommended by the wait staff.

I loved how refreshing the soju was, but what I had not taken into consideration is that I've just recovered from a fever then, and probably should limited my alcohol intake.

All I can say is that I'm glad my head and body only gave in at the end of the night when we were about to head home.

Anyways! Back to the food...

We decided against salad and started with an anju (medium sized dish to share and consume with alcohol). The Boyfriend being a big fan of pork, of course insisted on the stir fried spicy chilli pork.

It was tasty and flavourful, but because it was too spicy for my liking, he finished it all by himself.

For our mains, I went for an item on the traditional category and picked the slow-cooked baby snapper with daikon (Korean radish), onion, and spring onion in a Korean red pepper sauce.

To be honest, it was a bit of a let down as I had higher expectations and this dish simply did not deliver. It was quite bland in flavour, and the fish was somewhat overcooked.

I felt like it was a dish I could easily recreate at home and perhaps even do better.

The Boyfriend on the other hand, opted for a modern main, and may I say that his choice of the sous vide lamb rack was the winning dish that night.

I had food envy as I watch him devour his lamb. All I was offered was a tiny bite but it was a bite full of flavour, paired with the meat so tender and cooked to perfection.

Maybe I should consider getting a sous vide machine... *looks at bank account*... maybe not yet.

Although the night did not end very well with me drunk, at least The Boyfriend enjoyed his dinner. And he will always remember this birthday as the day I got drunk, unwell and threw up 8 times. *shifty eyes*

Trust me, although I lived to tell this (now) funny tale to all our family and friends, I felt absolutely horrible that night and swore never to drink more than 2 cups of alcohol now.

Bistro K on Urbanspoon
The eventful night aside, I really appreciate the modern take on Korean flavours that Bistro K does and I would definitely return for those lamb racks, and perhaps to try something else from their extensive menu. Just no more snapper for me. ;)


Amy zhong said...

the lamb looks real good!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I just had Korean food tonight! It's so hard to find good Korean restaurants in my neighborhood. so I'm enjoying good Korean food in Japan now. :) Glad to hear some dishes were good here.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

I really don't eat enough Korean!!

msihua said...

Man, we've been dying to get here.. sooooo good looking!

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