Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's been a while since I last posted a restaurant review. I have so many posts sitting in my draft folder, I don't know if they'll ever get the chance to see light. #lazyblogger :$

Whilst I don't usually head out for dinner on week nights (especially not on a Monday), it was an exception this week as my dearie Cheryl whom I met at uni has returned to Melbourne for a couple of days visit.

Cheryl is as much of a foodie as I am, and have suggested we try PM24. I thought why not? :)

I arrived 20 minutes before their opening hour of 6pm after work, but they were so kind to seat me whilst I await Cheryl's arrival.

Thankfully she is Singaporean and doesn't run on Malaysian timing (aka being fashionably late). :P

Glad we arrived early because we kicked start our meal with some warm bread, which was fresh out of the oven. :)

I LOVE the fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread - and got a tad excited as soon as I heard the oven go "ding! ding!" and saw the chef removing a tray of bread. Ahhhhhh! ♥

Anyhoos! Moving on to the food...

Cheryl and I decided to go with an entree and two mains to share. We (or more like me) thought for the entree, we should give the Burgundy Style Snails a go.

I've never had snails before, but I've read several fantastic reviews so I figured no harm trying. At most Cheryl can eat it all! :P

But these escargot cooked in garlic and parsley butter; and served with mouillettes were delish! I'm glad PM24 did a good job in helping me set a good first impression on em' snails.

It didn't take long after they've cleared the plates before both our mains arrived. I couldn't go past the rotisserie chicken served with a super cheesy macaroni gratin at the side!

The chicken was really tasty and flavourful! Being the food snob that I am, I cannot help but add that I would prefer for the chicken to be a tad more juicy, but otherwise it was perfect.

Cheryl and I also really enjoyed the super tender daube beef cheek bourgignon served with garlic mash.

PM24 did a really great job and the meat had the melt-in-your-mouth texture - just how I like my beef cheeks.

Although I have to add that the sauce was a tiny weeny bit too salty for our liking. I think it might be an Asian thing. :|

As much as we love desserts, we could barely stomach anymore food. Either portion size was huge or both Cheryl and I have small tummies.

I was so full I could almost roll home! All the way on our walk home, Cheryl must have at least heard me say "OMG I AM SO FULL" more than 10 times. Her poor ears! xD

PM24 on Urbanspoon
All in all, I couldn't really fault (not majorly that is) all the dishes that we had at PM24 - it was a very satisfactory dinner. Even service was top notch. I would highly recommend that you give PM24 a go if you haven't already tried it! :)

And allow me to end my post with a picture of my bee-dohhhh-bee-dohhh buddy, Tom the minion and my favourite Korean grape lolly. Just because he is super cute. Heehee! ;)

Weekend is almost here now - can't wait to sleep in! I hope you all have had a great week thus far. Till the next post! :)


msihua said...

BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO! I still haven't made it to PM24 yet.. #Failblogger

Iron Chef Shellie said...

I haven't been yet, or tried snails.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

I haven't been yet, or tried snails.

Sally Li said...

Me neither..yet. No money. #Failblogger

The Bakeanista said...

Papoyyyyy papoyyyy!!! Maybe you can go with Michele! ;)

The Bakeanista said...

Go with Msihua!!! :D I hesitated but it wasn't as bad as I thought snails would be. Give it a go! ;)

The Bakeanista said...

I know what you mean! I only allow myself to indulge every now and then. Every other day I save up by packing lunch to work and eating home on week nights. :)

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