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Brunch in the East #1: The Pour Kids, Prospect Espresso & Lil Boy Blue

The Boyfriend and I do spend a fair amount of time in the Eastern suburbs as there is where he lives.

On weekends, we would either head out to Chaddy or Doncaster Westfield for a movie and most probably end up at our favourite Papparich, or on days when we're feeling a little more adventurous, I'd look up food blogs for new brunch spots in neighbouring suburbs.

Let's kick start with Malvern's gem The Pour Kids, shall we? I've read so much about this darling little place on Winter Street, I managed to drag The Boyfriend here with me late last year on New Year's Eve.

I really love the fun interior of light wooden tables paired with colourful stools and chairs - instantly brightened up my mood as we were being sat down. Even the menu was really quirky with some of the items on their menu being named "Google This" or "The Lego".

I've heard raving reviews on the "Stacks On" which had a Mexican twist to it, so of course I had to order it.

Stacks of grilled chorizo sausage, hash brown, guacamole, sour cream and corn relish - the combination of it all was simply amazing and of course, the generous portion size kept me full for a good while.

The Boyfriend opted for the "Duck for Cover" - Italian-style pork sausage with burnt-butter gnocchi, served with fried egg and Swiss chards. My first thought was "Where is the duck?"

Erh no duck found, but boy were the gnocchi delicious or what! The Boyfriend and I ended up swapping our brunch half way through - I think he was just sick of me peering my fork into his brunch. :P

And here's another shot of the glorious egg porn river, just because! ;)

We then washed it all down with a good cuppa Iced Mocha - so good on a warm summer day. Being lactose intolerant, I only managed a couple of sips, but The Boyfriend sure enjoyed it.

The Pour Kids on Urbanspoon
We really enjoyed our meal at The Pour Kids and I could definitely see us returning again.

In fact, I reckon we should explore Malvern a little more often. Hit me up with any brunch spots that you'd highly recommend please! :)


And then there is Prospect Espresso in Camberwell. It has been a while since we were at Prospect Espresso but I remember the friendly wait staff who welcomed us with big smiles despite being so busy.

I also remember how we managed to thankfully snap up the last table for two. Yay us for not having to wait! :P

I saw "Truffled Brioche" upon perusing the menu (both ingredients I love) and knew at an instance what I was going to have.

Sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, and two perfectly poached eggs on a thick slice of brioche bread, drizzled generously with truffled hollandaise sauce. SO SO GOOD!

The Boyfriend had The Prospect Burger - made using house minced Angus beef on a brioche bun, and served with amazing tasting beer-battered chips and aioli.

Those chips and aioli were good stuff, I wished I wasn't that full from my own meal, I'd definitely steal more of them chips. :P

Definitely wouldn't mind going back again! I saw on Instagram how pretty their Buttermilk Pannacotta is - would love to try. Maybe this weekend, I'd drag The Boyfriend there with me. Again.

Prospect Espresso on Urbanspoon
However as Prospect Espresso is quite a small place, there could be a bit of a wait time depending on your luck. I'd suggest heading in early to avoid the crowd.

Also just down the road from Prospect Espresso, is Collective Espresso which I have yet to try, but I am keen to some day.

There are just too many places, it's so hard to keep up! Baby steps, one by one, we'd conquer them all. Haha, I know, as if right. My to-eat-list is a never ending one.


Moving on to our final pit stop for today's post - Kew. Every now and again, we'd explore Kew. We have brunched at Cru Cafe once, and found ourselves back again, this time to visit the Lil Boy Blue.

So glad to find that the place wasn't too busy, and we were seated almost immediately upon arriving. What a quirky little place!

Those mats you see on the far right, The Boyfriend were incredibly amused by. "They look like giant maggots," he exclaimed. (-_-)"

Anyways, The Boyfriend as usual ordered his English Breakfast tea to start with. And me being extra picky that morning with a not-quite-happy-tummy, there was nothing on the breakfast or lunch menu that enticed me so we ordered some nibbles to share.

We had the chilli prawn tacos ($16) sprinkled generously with smoked paprika and served with coleslaw and avocado lime salsa for starters, it was pretty alright. The Boyfriend sure did enjoy it more than I did.

And of course, with The Boyfriend being a HUGE massive fan of soft shell crab, we could not go without ordering the cripsy soft shell crab sliders served with wasabi mayo, pickled carrot and shitloads of coriander which I had to painfully remove. #ihatecoriander

For $13, I'd much rather pay probably $3-4 extra to have a big burger from Hammer & Tong all to myself. I could not stop thinking about the droolicious burger from H&T.

Lil Boy Blue on Urbanspoon
So you see, whilst the food was good, the only thing about Lil Boy Blue is the small servings and pricey price tag; both of which doesn't usually go too well together.

And for that reason, I'm unsure as to whether I would return. Maybe, just maybe we might. But one thing I have to mention is the great, friendly service.

But that aside, Kew is a darling little suburb and I'm keen to return again, hoping to try out Ora Cafe sometime soon.

And that pretty much wraps up today's post! I hope if you haven't already been, this post will inspire you to venture out into the Eastern 'burbs. I am considering to continue this "Brunch in the East" post series depending on how we go. ;)

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Hehe, your weekends sound really similar to my weekends! :)

Too funny - I went to Prospect Espresso on Monday and nearly ordered the truffled brioche but got an omelette instead. I think you made the better choice! I'll have to go back and try :)

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