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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Devon Cafe

Thought I'd give you guys a break from all the Korean food related post and blog about my short trip to Sydney several weeks ago for a business conference.

Despite our tight schedule, I wanted to at least dine at one of the many cafe's that I've been reading up on. Since my colleague and I were put up at the Mercure Hotel, I figured Devon Cafe was perfect since it was close by.

We woke up exceptionally early before our flight back to Melbourne and headed straight to Devon Cafe. And of course the lack of sleep meant coffee was required!

Upon arrival, I took a sneaky peak at the baked goodies along the counter and my oh my, was I tempted to get one of those yummy looking Magic Muffin on the bottom left corner.

From memory, I think it was a combination of banana and Nutella - say whattttttt?!! But I told myself, "No no no, you need to reserve space in your tummy."

Instead, I went back to my seat and ordered the Breakfast with the Sakuma's - miso grilled king salmon, served with a side of smoked eel croquette, 63° egg, radish petit salad and kewpie mayo.

I already liked how Japanese inspired this dish sounds. But was even happier to find both the king salmon and egg cooked to perfection.

The salmon was smooth and "creamy" with a considerable amount of fats content (uh huh, think of all that Omega-3 I was consuming!)

And the egg... As soon as I poked my knife through, the oozy yolk came gushing out. YUM!

My colleague opted for the Ogre's Happy Meal - ox tongue, served with hash potatoes, cauliflower puree, pickled onion and fried egg.

Miss S said that those adorable cubed hash potatoes were the best hash potatoes she has ever had. That's a very big claim to make but she cannot help rave about how good they were, even up until today.

And me being the greedy little one, stole a small bite of the ox tongue. So delish, I had a bit of food envy!

Devon Cafe on Urbanspoon
I really enjoyed the meal and thought the menu was really creative. All that yumminess did come with a pricier cost, but I guess it is okay to indulge every now and again.

I also figured, whilst we were there, might as well make a quick detour to my favourite Bourke Street Bakery located just a couple of blocks ahead. I stopped by for a quick 5 minutes to take away a Strawberry Meringue tart.

This was what I was reserving my tummy space for. I no doubt devoured it in a blink of an eye! Ahhhh... so good! :D

Wished we were there for longer so I could dine at more places but I guess I can always return another time for a food trip!

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