Saturday, September 21, 2013


Yay, thank God it's Saturday! No work makes Michelle a happy girl. :) Hehe, what do you guys usually get up to over the weekend?

I love spending mine sleeping in, or doing grocery shopping for the week, and most importantly spend some time with The Boyfriend of whom I don't see on weekdays.

I particularly enjoy going on brunch or lunch dates with The Boyfriend. I mean, two of my favourite things together - food and my love - life certainly can't get any better than that! ;)

The Boyfriend usually leaves the decision-making to me knowing that I have a to-eat-list, so more often than not, he would begin the conversation with something along those lines of, "Hi babe, what do you want to eat today?"

As I have been wanting to try NSHRY for a while now, we finally managed to get down to Albert Park one fine Sunday morning. I love how NSHRY is overlooking the beach - perfect for a date, I'd say.

The Boyfriend started off with his usual English Breakfast tea, and I, on the other hand, am usually good with water. Some times I'd go for mocha, some other times, hot chocolate - it depends.

Being a soft shell crab lover, The Boyfriend could not go without ordering the Soft Shell Crab burger. He did comment saying that he much prefer the one that we had at Hammer and Tong.

But those beer-battered chips were SO SO GOOD, especially with the spicy chip dip or wasabi kewpie mayo that was served at the side. So much so my greedy fingers couldn't help themselves! :P

As for me, I really enjoyed the Croque Madame - Pain de Mie with gruyere cheese, Grandmother Ham, béchamel sauce, Dijon mustard, topped with an egg with capsicum and eggplant relish.

Every bite was heavenly. Om... "This is so good babe, you want to try some?" Nom... "So yummmmy!" Nom... "You sure you don't want some? It's really good!"

This is the kinda thing The Boyfriend has to put up with. Sometimes when food is bad, he has to put up with me being all upset and grumpy. The poor thing! :P

Anyhoos, the food overall was great but service was a different story altogether. I wasn't expecting top notch service but arghhhh come on, way too slow I started to get impatient.

It wasn't busy when we arrived but it took the wait staff a good while to bring us the menu and some water even though I tried waving for their attention because they were too busy chatting amongst themselves to notice.

Not a great start when my tummy was rumbling, but thankfully the yummy Croque Madame made up for it after! ;)

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We planned to go for a short walk along the beach after our meal, but unfortunately it started to pour when we were done. I can't wait to be back here when the weather gets better. ;)


Iron Chef Shellie said...

LOL! I love when things are so good you keep going OMG this is so good, I can't believe how good this is, how can this be so good! hahaha

Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

Food looks good and glad you liked your dish :) But I don't like it either when service is slow even when it's NOT busy what the...

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