Thursday, September 26, 2013


Several weeks ago, I received an email from Eleena inviting me to enjoy a Hero on the house. A Hero? *eyes light up* When I hear the word hero, the first thing that springs to mind is Iron Man.

Enjoy Iron Man? ;) For sure, why not? I mean, don't you find him oh-so-enticing and hot? *drools* 

But no, *snaps back to reality* Eleena was referring to Hero, the Brooklyn-inspired baguette concept cafe offering oversized subs with big, bold flavours and gourmet fillings to match.

I was also asked to bring a friend or two so I asked The Brudder and his Doctor friend if they wanted to join me. They were rather hesitant when I mentioned "erm something like Subway" in response to their "eat what one?" question.

Their response was something along the lines of "Huh? Eat subs ah? Don't want lah!" But well, I still managed to convince them in the end and all 3 of us skeptical lot headed in to Hero with no expectations whatsoever.

One bite into the first sub, and we had to swallow our words back. Hero is nothing like Subway. Period.

My absolute favourite was the #BRKLYN, which also happened to be the first sub we tried. The pulled lamb was so tender and full of flavour. May I also add that although I am no big fan of beet root, I still inhaled it all? Yes Mama, I did. It was THAT yum!

#BRKLYN on the left, and #BYTHEHOUR on the right
Sitting next to it was #BYTHEHOUR - the corn salsa went so well with the pulled pork and apple slaw. It was a great combination of flavours and textures just dancing about on your taste buds. I am giving it a runner up trophy from me.

But this #KIDROYALE below was a strong contender against the #BRKLYN. I loved it probably just as much, but I think it was that first bite I had that keeps the #BRKLYN top of mind... A little like the whole head over heels kinda feeling if you know what I mean?

The slow roasted beef with onion jam went so well with the honey dijon. And the onion rings? Perfecto! So crispy and yum!

The #CATCHER, pictured below on the far left is the panko crumbed shrimp tossed in Hero's secret seasoning, served with slaw and finished with thousand island dressing. This sub unlike its other peers was a tad too dry for our liking.

But The Brudder and I both agreed that those panko crumbed shrimps were delish - must have been the secret seasoning whatever that is!!! Perhaps a tad bit more of the homemade thousand island would do the trick? ;)

Oh my #PARADISE! My favourite Caesar salad in a baguette? Nuff' said! ;) But may I warn you, a little messy to eat, yeap this is me speaking from experience.

The last one standing is the #THROWBACK which didn't really stand out amongst the 6 that we tried. I think we all felt really neutral about this one. It wasn't spectacularly good but yet I have got no complaints.

I guess it is more like your go-to-sub if you were feeling a little less adventurous and wanted something classic. You know these meatballs can never go wrong. ;)

As if we were not fed enough, Eleena then brought out some hot ball donuts to share. You can opt for either the jam or Jaffa custard, or really I'd say just go for both! Hehehe.

I far prefer the Jaffa custard one more. Yeah, I have a thing or two for Jaffa, although The Boyfriend would go strongly against it. I could almost hear his voice just ringing at the back of my head with each bite I was taking, "Chocolate and fruits should never be combined - they need to be eaten separately."

I beg to differ, that is not true -  it was so so good! The greedy monster in me kinda wished Eleena offered us more. :P I could do with one (or two, or maybe three) of that warm, fluffy goodness right now!

To sum it up, Hero far exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed everything we tried. I'm not saying so because the meal was on the house but because I truly mean it and reckon you all should give it a go. Good tasting, quality fillings subs paired with an affordable price - you know where you should be heading for lunch next? ;)

The Fussy Brudder commented, "They are actually very nice." This is coming from someone who dislikes sandwiches. Making him eat sandwiches is quite like torturing him, so it means a lot for him to say that Hero is good.

Don't underestimate the power of these subs. Trust me, they will take you by surprise. All you need to do is to look out for this Hero sign, located behind the RMIT university building on Stewart St, and you're in for a good treat.

The best part for me is, Hero is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from where I live. Would I return? Well, I'm sure you will find me there rather often indeed. ;)

Hero on Urbanspoon
But for now, I'm off to dream about Iron Man and I enjoying a good Jaffa custard donut together. Teehee, goodnight world! Zzz

P/S: I'm sorry about the poor quality shots - they do no justice to these beautiful subs at all. I'm blaming it on the lighting which was horrible. The skies turning grey (before it started to pour) and me sitting in an awkward position didn't help.

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