Saturday, September 14, 2013

Revisited the Auction Room

With so many new cafes opening in Melbourne, I had no plans to return to Auction Room despite my previous great experience there almost one and a half year ago.

But unfortunately, we arrived at Fandango to find that it was closed for renovation that one particular weekend I decided to explore the North side of Melbourne, we decided, ah well, Auction Room it is.

I'm glad we did because I had one of the most amazing porridge I've ever eaten! How come my home cooked porridge not yummy like this? What sorcery is this?

The simple addition of flowers make the dish look so beautiful! ♥
This 3 grains and seeds porridge with rhubarb compote and pistachio praline was sooooooooo addictively good!

My dad (being the Malaysian who gets the luxury of enjoying 'bah kut teh' or 'nasi lemak' for brekkie) is no big fan of porridge/oats but was very impressed and gave the big thumb up!

Mummy also really enjoyed the tea-smoked salmon which was served with a poached egg sitting atop quinoa hash, and topped with bernaise sauce. I particularly loved the quinoa hash and am keen to try recreating this at home - will let you know how I go. ;)

The 'Elvis Crumpets' served with grilled banana, rhubarb, peanut butter curd and maple syrup also received the big nod from the Brudder - may I reiterate that this is no easy feat. The Brudder can at times be more of a food snob than I am. :P

Boyfriend and I shared the 'Shady Deal' which seems to have changed slightly from when I previously tried. Here you see the shakshuka of braised spiced tomato, peppers, chickpeas, goats cheese and poached egg served with a side of grilled flatbread.

We also decided to add the merguez sausage which I thought was the highlight of this dish. I thought though that we could do with a little more bread as the shakshuka was a tad too salty eaten on its own.

But all in all, it was yet again another pleasant experience - the staff was so friendly and food was great!

I'm not sure when I'll be returning again (perhaps when I crave for good porridge), but if you haven't already been, Auction Room is definitely worth a visit. ;)

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It's best to get in early as the queue could get rather lengthy - we were lucky we had to wait only 20 minutes, some were on the waiting list with waiting time of 35-40 minutes!


Iron Chef Shellie said...

I really wanna try this place, but I have a shortage of brunching buddies. wah!

The Bakeanista said...

I will go with you! ;)

Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

Ohhh you know Auction Room was the first place I ever reviewed about hehe it was my first post on my blog :)

Hmmm that porridge looks so good and the Elvis crumpets getting cravings!

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