Monday, March 18, 2013

My favourite Jap place - Shyun!

If you ask me what my favourite cuisine is (Malaysian food aside, of course), I'd say Japanese! And one of my favourite Jap place in Melbourne is definitely Shyun.

I can't quite remember how I found this place, but I'm pretty sure it's from all the food blog hopping that I do! Gotta love food blogs - one can never run out of ideas on where to dine at. ;)

Anyhoos, back to Shyun. The Boyfriend and I have been there so many times that I eventually stopped taking pictures of what we order. But here's what I've managed to dig out of my album:

Let's kick off with the soft shell crab rolls of which the Boyfriend enjoyed. It's quite hard not to, him being a big fan of soft shell crab. Plus, the soft shell crab was lightly battered and crisp to perfection.

The Boyfriend also loves the Niku Udon - cooked beef on udon noodle in Japanese fish broth.

The broth is so delicately tasty, and the sukiyaki beef, oh so tender! I think the Boyfriend has ordered this 3 times already in the past year.

We also tried the Katsu Don on another visit - deep fried pork/chicken cooked with egg on rice. If memory serves me right, the Boyfriend must have ordered the pork katsu.

Did he enjoy it? Of course! Otherwise he wouldn't suggest every now and then that we go back, would he?

Look, they do have a wide variety of selection on their menu. But if you're an indecisive person like I am, then definitely go for my favourite Deluxe Bento set.

This Deluxe Bento set consist of grilled salmon with miso sauce, teriyaki chicken, tempura prawn and vegetable, sushi rolls and salad.

The highlight of this bento box is definitely the tempura vegetable fritter served with some sort of sweet sauce.

I love it - I could have a whole plate of the vegetable fritter by its own! Only it wouldn't be very good for my waistline!

However, if you appreciate options or are picky with your bento accompaniments, then I'd suggest you create your own bento set.

And yes, this is how we end our meal every single time we're there! Their homemade green tea ice cream is really good and is a must-try!

Shyun can get really packed on some days, but if you go during odd hours, say at 2pm on a weekend, it's easy to grab a table!

Do not get put off to walk in to ask for a table if their front of house is packed, because they have some seating areas down the back too. ;)

I'm not sure how authentic this place is considering I've never been to Japan, but I could dine here every weekend, if possible.

Authentic or not, Shyun ticks every box - great affordable prices, tasty dishes, fresh ingredients of high quality, and friendly service.

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Do you like Japanese food? If you do, do you have a favourite Jap place of which you'd recommend that I try? :)

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