Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cibi - the quirky warehouse cafe

Several weekends ago, I was struggling to settle with a place for lunch as I wanted something healthy. I then went through my list - Cibi stood out and that was how the Boyfriend and I found ourselves there.

I remember reading about Cibi on Mel: Hot or Not ages ago, and had added this cute, quirky Japanese cafe onto my to-eat-list. 

Cibi has been sitting on my list for more than a year! But you see, my list is a never ending one, and it's not easy getting through it as I always have new places to add on. I'm hopeful that I'll get through it eventually! Taking baby steps. ;)

Cibi is a warehouse turned Japanese-style cafe, located along a quiet laneway in Collingwood with Japanese decor seen weaved into the interior design of the cafe. 

But Cibi is not your ordinary cafe, it's also a homeware shop - Japanese utensils, cooking ware and crockery were seen on display for sale at one corner of the warehouse.

I was quite tempted to get some crockery, but I knew for sure that I shouldn't add to an already bursting kitchen + pantry!

The Boyfriend and I both went for the Japanese traditional breakfast set which is available only on weekends.

For $14.50, you get a big, hearty plate of delicatedly prepared organic brown rice served with grilled sliced salmon fillet, free-range egg omelette (or also known as tamagoyaki) a small serve of seasonal green vegetables and potato salad.

And not to forget, the yummy miso soup that came with it. The miso soup was different and unique - it tasted very homey. Everything was not only healthy and nutritious but very delicious too!

One word to describe the meal - おいしい which reads oishii! Yeap, that means yummy in Japanese. :)

I've also read a lot about the green tea and red bean muffin but I was too full to have one right there and then, so we picked one on our way out to snack on during afternoon tea.

I've got to say that the green tea muffin was quite dry and disappointing. Especially after all the rave I've heard about it.

But then again, it could be just me. I'm not big on muffins - I very much prefer cupcakes. :P

Despite the slow service and long wait for our food, I really liked Cibi - from its homey feel, beautifully cooked and fresh food, the cosy ambience, friendly staff members, and even the open kitchen concept.

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Would we see ourselves returning to Cibi again? Most definitely! :)

I'd also highly recommend you try Cibi, more so if you appreciate healthy eating and would love to dine out. :) 

Next stop, its sister cafe, Mina-no-ie!


Iron Chef Shellie said...

This is the first I'm hearing about this place... AND they sell homewares you say... very tempting!

The Bakeanista said...

Haha, options are very limited though. But I'm pretty sure, being a hoarder, you'd be able to find something.

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