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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ippudō Sydney

I could not have gone to Sydney and not try the much talked about ramen place in Sydney - Ippudō.

I have to admit, prior to my trip I was tossing betweem Gumshara or Ippudō. But when I've been told that Gumshara's broth are much thicker than Ippudō's, I knew Ippudō was it.

Of course I've heard all about the long queues, so I was adamant that we had to get there as early as we possibly could.

Let me just say, dragging the Boyfriend out of bed especially on a holiday, was tough work. "5 more minutes babe," he kept mumbling, although he did wake up after a good half an hour. Tsk tsk.

BUT! As we were having lunch with his friends and they were running a bit late, I found out that there was no point of me arriving early as you're not allowed to be seated regardless of how early you arrive, until all your dining members are there. (-_-)"

So there I was standing first in line for a good 45 minutes, watching as others behind me being seated first. Meh.

But well, we eventually did get in, and I was STARVING! Thankfully our orders did not take long before they arrived at our table. Gotta love restaurants who want a quick turnaround! ;)

The Ippudō pork bun might look just like an ordinary bun, but believe you me, it's so so so so so delicious, you have no idea.

The buns were so soft (think cotton candy) I couldn't help caressing it. Okay that makes me sound a little sick, but seriously, it was so soft and fluffy, it felt like baby's skin.

And the pork belly, so beautifully braised, it was so tender and tasty. I could do with another one of this yummy bun... Or maybe make that two! Om nom nom! I cannot stop raving about this bun.

I've never tried the Momofuko bun yet, but this itself is already so mind-blowing, if some claims that Momofuko has the best, I need to get my fat belleh up to Sydney again.

I also had the Akamaru Tamago - original tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil served with thin noodles.

The toppings for the original serve are a thick slab of chashu (pork belly), black mushroom, shallots, and if you like you can add on a flavoured tamago for $2 like I did.

I like the thin noodles, which were cooked perfectly al dente. And the broth was also very flavoursome yet not too thick or rich, to the extent that one is repulsed by it. I also really appreciate the garlicky (is there such a word?) taste.

I also mad love their flavoured tamago!! I love how soft the egg yolk is. Hmmm, I want to try to make this at home.

All in all, I have to say that whilst I did enjoy my bowl of ramen, I'd say that it wasn't that mind blowing. Definitely not worth partaking in the lengthy queues for, in my opinion.

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I would definitely return to Ippudo again, no doubt. But mainly just for the pork bun. :D

Okay just one last rave, the braised pork sandwiched between steamed open bun, tasted SO DARN BLOODY AMAZING with Ippudō original sauce. :P


Peach said...

Great photo hunz!

Oh man, I totally in love with Sydney and should really make my way there. Will definitely put that on my to go list :)

Thanks for sharing


The Bakeanista said...

Thank you, lovely! :)

You must have the pork bun!!! Have 2, or 3, or 4. :P I can't wait to go back to Sydney again.

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