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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cafe Sydney with my love!

As mentioned in my previous post, my very lovely (and generous!) Boyfriend took me on a short escapade to Sydney for my birthday.

Yeap, an all expense paid trip, and I got to choose a list of restaurants where I'd like to dine at throughout our 3d2n stay. Felt like the luckiest girl! *beams gleefully*

I chose Cafe Sydney for my birthday dinner date with the Boy, because like I've mentioned in my older post, the perfect atmosphere at Cafe Sydney itself sets you in a fantastic mood, that even before I was served with my food, I already felt happy.

And I did also say that hopefully the next time I visit, it'll be with my future (non-existent then) boyfriend, because I like how the ambience is quite romantic and it's a place I'd love to bring my him to, so I did!

Because he is nice like that, he suggested that instead of walking it, we take the ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay because although I've been to Sydney about 9-10 times now, I've never rode on the ferry before.

Boy, was I glad that he did! Enjoyed the lovely breeze from cruising on the top deck, and enjoyed the lovely view of the harbour. :)

We finally arrived at Circular Quay after a 20 minutes ride, which on a side note, costed us $6 each! Why are public transport in Sydney so freaking expensive? It's madness really! Now I understand why my Sydney friends often say that they gotta walk a lot.

Anyhoos! We were greeted by friendly staff members who escorted us to our table by the window (yay!), overlooking the beautiful view of the Harbour Bridge where we watch the sun slowly set into the horizon.

A tip if you're keen to dine at Cafe Sydney, remember to always make a booking. Try asking for an outdoor table if you're up for it. Even in winter I think you'd be pretty comfortable as there will be heaters and they will even offer you with blankets. ;)

We started off with some mocktails (yes, I'm a weirdo who does not like cocktails) and spiced caramelised onion naan which tasted fantastic.

We didn't want to fill our tummies up with any more entree as the Boyfriend knew how much I was eyeing the dessert platter. So, we jumped straight into mains.

The brother swore by the Wagyu beef tenderloin. He has always dubbed this to be the best steak he has ever had, in his life. Mind you, he's one helluva fussy eater so for him to say that it's the best, it must have tasted pretty awesome.

So, of course the Boyfriend who does appreciate his steak couldn't have gone past not ordering this Wagyu dish. It was needless to say flavourful, tender and juicy!

But! It's not the best I've had, and also especially with a hefty price tag of $66, The Barn does better.

My brother has definitely missed out on the best. :P He needs to follow us up to The Barn. Maybe when we make another trip up to Mount Gambier again. One day.

I, on the other hand, had this super yummy South Australian pink snapper served with spanner crab cannelloni, atop a bunch of asparagus, green pea and crustacean bisque.

Can I just say that this was the best asparagus I've ever had in my life and the bisque was so good that I almost licked every drop that my spoon wasn't able to scoop up? So so yum!!

And to the best part of our night!!! I was quite full but I still couldn't go past the dessert platter which consist of three different desserts!!! Ahhh.... how amazing does that look, hey? *rubs belly*

My ultimate favourite was the warm raspberry tart served with raspberries, honey cream and raspberry ice cream. It was so refreshing and needless to add, DIVINE!!!

I also really enjoyed the peanut butter parfait, served with fried banana, salted caramel peanuts and chocolate ice cream. I don't know about you, but I love the PB + choc combo - so indulgent!

The final dessert was the double chocolate slice which was served with candied orange, orange sorbet, and cream fraiche.

It was quite yum, but at this point, I was feeling so stuffed, I couldn't stomach any more food.

Plus, it was too rich for my liking and the boyfriend, although a big fan of rich chocolate, was too full, so we didn't finish this last piece. :/

I know right, I am not usually one who would waste desserts but I was that full I could roll back!

T'was a very satisfying dinner and I had a really good time, but I'm not sure if I'll be returning again any time soon now that I've been there twice already. There are so many places in Sydney that I'd love to try! 

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For those who have never been, it is a must go. Especially if you're on a date! Your partner would definitely be impressed. ;)

 Thank you my love, for the wonderful night! :)

And here's one last shot of the pretty Harbour Bridge view before we took a short walk back to our hotel.

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