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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ms. G's turns me on BIG time!

I told the Boyfriend during lunch break one day that I had some time on hand and that I was bored. And well, this was his response, “Go update your blog if you have a few spare minutes haha!”

I hopped onto my blog to have a look. Wow, the last time I updated my blog was over a month ago, on the 18th January. Eeeep!

I'm sorry guys, I am a bad blogger, isn’t it? I abandon my blog ALL THE TIME. I think nobody bothers reading my blog anymore now. :|

But anyways I decided that I shall still blog anyway, regardless if anyone reads this or not. Because today's the last of Feb and at least I can say, I blog once a month. :P

Cracked my head to think of ALL the yummy food I’ve eaten over the past couple of months in Sydney, Melbourne and Malaysia (yep, I went home too... which is why I've been MIA-ing! *excuses*) and the first thing that comes to mind was the famous Ms. G’s.

I made up a list of places to go for nice nomz when the Boyfriend took me on a short escapade to Sydney for my birthday (I know right, he deserves extra brownie points for that!), and well as if I'm not already stating the obvious, Ms. G's was one of them.

Yeap, it's that Ms. G’s right there from Sydney that turned me on and gave me foodgasm. :O

I've read a lot about Ms. G's much raved about mini banh mi with crisp pork belly, but in my honest opinion although it was nice, there wasn't a WOW factor to it.

The crisp pork belly was tender, crisp and had a nice flavour to it, but that was that.

I wasn't as amazed with the mini banh mi as I was with the fried chicken. Who knew right! I mean this is coming from someone who doesn't really fancy fried chicken.

This is the finger licking good Ms. G's fried chicken "chops" done in two ways: naked with the most amazing jerk mayo and the spicy Korean.

Whenever the Boyfriend suggests Gami for dinner, I'd cringe at the idea. At most I can have 3 pieces of Gami chicken, and I'd feel sick to the core already. But with Ms. G's, it was so good, I wanted more!!

And let me tell you, that jerk mayo was seriously out of the world!!! Too friggin' delicious, I dipped my finger in and licked it clean. So unlady-like! :$ Thank goodness this wasn't like our first date, or I might scare the Boyfriend off. :P

We also shared the Jow's sweet and sour lamb ribs. Whoever Jow is, he must be a pretty smart bloke because these ribs are so SOOOOOO delish - seriously, one of the best I've had!

Just look at that!!! The meat was so tender, that it was easily peeled off the bones. It was extremely delicious. I am drooling just by looking at the pictures.

Yeap peeps, that's right - this is exactly how I look like right now. :P

Although I was tempted, we decided against desserts at Ms. G's as I wanted to save some tummy space for Flour & Stone which was a short 15 minutes walk away.

But when we arrived and saw that they were closed, I was so so so so upset. The words "Reopening 14th Jan" broke my heart.

I was really looking forward to some good desserts. In saying good desserts, I really meant the much talked about lamington. Boo! :'(

I cannot wait until the Boyfriend and I head back to Sydney again. Because 1) I want to go back to Ms. G's for its amazing food, friendly staff members and cozy ambience and 2) GOD DAMN I WANT TO TRY THAT DAMN LAMINGTON FROM FLOUR AND STONE! It's been two, yes t-w-o months, and I'm still thinking about it.

Ms.G's on Urbanspoon
If ever you're in Sydney, Ms.G's better be at the top of your list! And if you try the lamington before me, boo! Shuddup and go away, I don't want to talk to you. Yes, I am kiasu (competitive) like that.

*kiasu - According to Wikipedia, is a Hokkien word that literally means 'fear of losing'.

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