Friday, January 18, 2013

The Newmarket Hotel

Happy new year, everyone!

It's been a long while since I last blogged and if you're glad I'm back you have the weird waitress at Newmarket to thank.

Well, I did draft up an end of year post with my favourite noms of 2012, but I didn't get around to completing it by new year's eve because... I was lazy! :$

So it's still sitting in my draft, half written and will probably be there until the end of 2013. :P I might just keep adding to it.

Anyhoos, back to the Newmarket Hotel. I suggested the place as my girlfriend wanted Mexican for her birthday and I've heard raving reviews.

We ordered several items to share amongst the three of us - there, I'll let the picture do the talking. :)

Started off with the field mushrooms with garlic chip and jalapeño creme.

Grilled snapper tacos, with heirloom tomatoes, rocket and new season garlic aioli.

Soft shell crab tacos, guacamole, shaved fennel, spicy corn and tomatillo salsa. 

Rare breed Berkshire pork served with caramelised pear, sherry sauce and hot mustard celeriac slaw.

Triple cooked bravas potatoes with two sauces to go with the pork.

Everything that we ordered were good. I have got no complaints. But *drumroll*... this is what triggered my need to blog as I wanted to share my experience with you, yes YOU!

And well, I simply just want to vent. I'm such a whiner, hey? :$

But anyways, here's how the story goes...

Minutes after placing our order, the waitress returned to our table to repeat the order.

Waitress: You're going with the fish and crab taco, and the roast pork. What was the other thing you wanted?

Me: We also ordered the field mushrooms.

Waitress: Oh yeah that's right! Someone came over to talk to me and I forgot.

Me: No worries, that's fine.

It didn't occur to me at that point in time that no apologies were offered. But that's totally cool with me.

The tacos arrived, we demolished them and were patiently waiting for our main.

The same waitress then walked over and said, "Would you girls want anything else or are we good?"

Me: We're still waiting for our roast pork.

Waitress: So you'd like to order the pork?

Me: We've already ordered it earlier.

Waitress: No you didn't. Not with me at least. But I can put it through now.

Me: Oh right. But we did place our initial order with you.

Waitress: *puts on annoyed look* Well I must not have heard you when you mentioned the pork. I'll put it through now. Any sides along with it?

Me: Erm, let me have a look at the menu and I'll let you know.

And then she proceeded to take the menu I had in hand and walked away!!

Me: Excuse me, can I have the menu back please? I'd like to see what sides we can order to go with the pork.

Waitress: That was what I was saying earlier. *annoyed*

Seriously!!! What the hell is wrong with you?

Again, she is obviously not apologetic for her mistakes. If you cannot remember the order then please by all means just use paper and pen. That would make your life (and mine too) so much easier!

Well yes, it was pretty good Mexican food. But I'm sorry, my dining guests and I are not going to return.

Poor customer service doesn't usually affect me much, but lady, this time, you've stepped on my tail.

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I mean it is embarrassing to bring your guests to a restaurant that has poor service, don't you all agree? Especially on her birthday. Boo!

Thanks for listening to me vent, y'all! Have a good weekend. :)

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