Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Story of Michelle & her Chicky Rice

"What's your favourite food?" The first thing that springs to mind when asked that question is none other than... chicken rice!

I fancy the roasted BBQ chicken rice, but I have a soft spot for Hainanese chicken rice which I super duper trooper love to bits.

I've loved Chicken Rice since heaven knows how long ago. And among my top favourite is the Hainanese chicken rice, garnished with ginger sauce from Restaurant Eng Ann.

Photo Credits: Jules Eating Guide
I frequent the Restaurant Eng Ann regularly when I was still living back home in Malaysia, and it's still a surprise how I don't have any pictures of my favourite chicken rice. But Google Images came to the rescue so all is good! ;)

When I moved to Melbourne, I was all home-food-sick, I went on a 'Chicken Rice Hunt' where I headed to most Malaysian restaurants to find the best one.

Malaysian Oriental Wok serves one of the most authentic chicken rice I've had here in Melbourne. But it's quite a boo-boo that they're close on the weekends when I need my fix. :(

Here in Melbourne, I have to pay close to $10 for a plate of chicken rice. That multiplied by 3.2 makes a plate of chicken rice RM32!!!

You can only imagine how hard it was for me to pay 10 times the price of a plate of Malaysian chicken rice... But ever since I started working, it isn't that bad anymore.

The Bakeanista's Infamous Chicky Rice
So, on days when I feel like it (i.e. days when I'm not feeling lazy), I put my apron and imaginary chef hat on, whip up plates of chicken rice from scratch and invite family/friends over for dinner.

During my (not very) recent trip to Singapore, I've had one of the most expensive plate of chicken rice in my life, at the much talked about Chatterbox - located within the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. 

Family and friends have recommended that I try it out despite the hefty $25 price. I had high expectation, because everyone raved about it. But well done Chatterbox, it did live up to its hype.

Chatterbox's Famous Chicken Rice
The meat was served sitting atop a bed of lettuce and oh dear, it was tender, juicy, fragrant and succulent - just the way I expected it to be. YUM!

The fragrant and fluffy rice was served with three accompaniments: fresh ginger sauce, chilli sauce, and dark soy sauce which complimented everything so perfectly well.

Yes, it is overpriced. But hey, it's not like we're having it everyday. So if you happen to be down in Singapore and you love your Chicken Rice as much as I do, Chatterbox is definitely worth a visit. ;)

But if you ask me, I'd still very much prefer the nice Aunty's chicken rice from Restaurant Eng Ann to Chatterbox's. Just because.

In my continuous hunt for the Best Chicken Rice in Melbourne... Tell me, where do you go for your chicken rice fix? :)

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Michelle Chin said...

my sister makes the chicken. we don't like the rice.

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