Monday, June 18, 2012


The Boyfriend and I woke up early yesterday and decided that we will have a nice brekkie to kick start our Sunday morning.

I had a go on Urbanspoon to see what's there around nearby and up came Ousia and Santucci's that perked my interest.

Boyfriend drove us to Ousia and my oh my what bad luck, although it says on the opening hours sign that they're open Sunday from 8.30am to 2.30pm, it was closed! Boo! :(

We ended up at Santucci's instead and despite the cafe already buzzing with the locals catching up over coffee, we immediately got a table for two at the inner corner of the cafe.

Giuseppy's Breaky - fried eggs on toast with Italian sausages, field mushroom, bacon, roasted tomato and spinach.
The Boyfriend had the Giuseppe's Breaky which was pretty much your typical big breakfast. I've got no critique to make at all, in fact I'd say it was pretty good.

San Benedicto - poached eggs with prosciutto with hollandaise sauce on pastry.
I, on the other hand, had the San Benedicto which I reckon was even better. I was actually really impressed, to be honest. The eggs were poached to perfection - it was all round and gooey. And boy, was the hollandaise sauce yummy!

I'm not sure if the coffee there is any good, although I have to say it was very aromatic.

Both the boyfriend and I aren't coffee drinkers, but I sure did enjoy my hot chocolate. :) And hey, look how cute the spoon is!

Food was great, service was brilliant and I like the atmosphere too. I can definitely see us returning again. Who knows, it could potentially end up being our favourite local cafe. ;)

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