Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tom Phat

A couple of weeks ago, when my Mum was down for a short visit, I decided to bring her to try out new places instead of having the same thing every time she's here.

She loves Red Spice Road and Chin Chin so although we did go back to both that restaurants, I thought she'd love to try out something new so I suggested Tom Phat.

Pretty much the same concept as the aforementioned restaurants, Tom Phat serves what I'd call a twist of Modern Asian food. There is a mix of Vietnamese and Thai influence to it.

We were all starving by the time we arrived at close to 8pm, and had skipped entree entirely and jumped straight into mains.

The soft-shell crab crispy fried with garlic, black pepper & tomato nahm jin was slightly disappointing as it wasn't as crispy as I've expected it to be. 

We also had the chilli caramel pork belly & seared scallops with asian herb salad which tastes as good as it sounds. Whilst Mum totally devoured them, I thought it was not as yums as Red Spice Road's. 

I don't think any other pork belly out there can be as good as Red Spice Road's melt-in-your-mouth super awesome pork belly. Seriously!

Oh la la~ This was so spicy hot, the jungle curry of braised rabbit with lemongrass, galangal, green peppercorns & chilli sent me to HOT Heaven. The curry was needless to say, yummeh but I just did not expect it to be THAT spicy.

I had to scoop on extra rice to help me deal with the spiciness. Or maybe it was just me. Y'know... me and my lack of ability to consume spicy food. But I have to say that did not stop me from going back for more helpings!

I loved the massaman curry of goat with peanut, sweet potato, star anise & cassia. Believe you me, I could easily devour just the curry and rice, it was so good.

I just didn't like the goat meat as much, and would have very much preferred mutton or beef.

This was on the special menu and its name escaped my mind. I think it was either: Twice Cooked or Double Braised Duck with bok choy

But y'know what? Never mind if it was twice cooked or double braised, I don't care, this duck was friggin' amazing! The meat was so juicy and tender - duck was beautifully cooked and was complimented well with the sweet sauce.

Hmm, I think I'd give them 7/10 rating for their food. If you ask the Boyfriend, he'll tell you coming from a food snob, that's considered a thumbs up on Michelle-o-meter!

Nobody had any more room left for desserts, and I was too full to have one all to myself, so we had to skip dessert, boo!!! Sweet tooth aka me wasn't satisfied, but never mind, that only gives me all the more reason to go back. ;)

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Although it is a tad bit pricey, most of the food was tasty and flavorsome. My dining companions and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Mum was happy, and so was I.

The next time I go back, it will definitely be to try out Tom Phat's breakfast menu. The Brudder who can get quite picky, had raving good reviews about them, so I'm really looking forward to it.

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okay, i will try this place sometime soon. kekeke. :D

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