Sunday, May 20, 2012

I want a pink KitchenAid!!!

By now, you should know how much I adore baking, hence the blog name, The Bakeanista.

However, because I am rather thrifty, I just make do with a cheap kitchen mixer from Aldi. It works, and I still get my batters mixed quite well. But deep down, I've always wanted a Kitchen Aid.

A pink Kitchen Aid, to be precise. My eyes always light up whenever I walk past one of them.

But the hefty price of $749 has refrained me from getting one, although time and again I get so tempted when I hop onto Kitchenware Direct to find that it's on sale at $689.

It's difficult though, living in a tiny apartment with so many different tools (ie. blender, food processor, ThermoChef, etc.) already sitting around. There isn't enough space!

I always tell myself, one day Mich, one day you'll own one. And I'm still very hopeful, and will always be until I actually own one.

But I don't think I'll ever buy myself one, so I need to wait until I move into a bigger home with a bigger kitchen, and I can probably add that to my gift register. :P

Or even better if I can win this competition hosted by Le Delicieux and Kitchenware Direct. *fingers crossed*

I've never really won any competition before, but being able to win a Kitchen Aid would be like a dream come true!

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May the odds be ever in my favor. :)


Michelle Chin said...

Is that you in that picture?

The Bakeanista said...

Of course it is! :)

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