Monday, June 4, 2012

TWG Tea Garden @ Marina Bay Sands

I am quite a seasonal blogger, isn't it? When I'm on a roll, you'll see me posting an update every 2-3 days and then I go MIA for a good while.

You see... I do try to blog more often, but I guess I am not that disciplined after all. I need motivation! :P


Today, I'm not blogging about places I've dined at in Melbourne - I'm bringing you on a journey to Singapore where the Boyfriend and I stayed at Marina Bay Sands, and spent most of the time dipping our toes in the infinity pool.

Sky deck at Marina Bay Sands
It was one of the best trip I've had - t'was fun and relaxing. And I got to spend good quality time with the Boyfriend. <3

The weather wasn't very welcoming the day we arrived though - it was all gloomy and rainy boo! So we sauntered around the Marina Bay Sands shopping area and stumbled upon the almighty TWG Tea Garden.

Both of us love our tea. So when we were greeted by a menu comprising over 100+ different kind of teas to choose from, and not to mention a variety of cakes/pastries, we were sold. 

The ambience was perfect - which is why I brought my date there. :P It would also be a lovely location to catch up with your girlfriends for afternoon tea.

Looking back at my album now, I wished I took more pictures of the place instead of trying to camwhore off the shiny metallic teapot. (T_T)" But anyhoos...

We settled with English Breakfast tea which was very fragrant and smooth. It took us only one sip to understand why we had to pay a premium price.

Having just finished lunch, the boyfriend and I decided that we would share just one slice of the pastry to ensure that we still had enough space for dinner at Ku De Ta (which was lovely, but that's story for another day).

Singapore Surprise Tart
It really was a nice surprise! It has a nice crispy base, with some raspberries sitting atop adding a hint of tangy-ness to the tart. This was balanced off perfectly well with a gooey and smooth vanilla filling. The caramelized sugar also added a different texture to the tart.

I highly recommend you try this - it was divine. I loved it so much, I went back the following day for another slice. All to myself. Yums! :D

We loved Singapore - it really is a beautiful city. Can you believe it... the last time I visited this Lion City, I was only 4! I'll make sure I won't take yet another 18 years to go back.

I heard TWG is now also opened in Pavillion KL. I hope they serve KL Surprise Tart too? I need a trip home, if not to Singapore. 


Michelle Chin said...

I don't think they will serve the singapore surprise. there's a reason why it's called "singapore surprise". i think.

The Bakeanista said...

Yeah which is why I said I hope they serve KL surprise tart?

sophler said...

Singapore is amazing! I went for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. Marina Bay Sands was absolutely beautiful in the evening, especially from the very top level overlooking the city. Hope you're able to visit back soon!

The Bakeanista said...

I so agree with you!!! The Boyfriend and I spent one of the nights just chilling in the infinity pool at the skydeck (freezing with the chilly breeze), overlooking the BEAUTIFUL CITY until we were told that they were closing for the night. We will go back, in the next 2-3 years I hope. And will stay at Marina Bay again!

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