Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Auction Room

A foodie friend recommended that I try Auction Rooms cafe and she went on and on about how good the food was.

I had it on my mental list since aeons ago, but it just kept getting pushed down the list and I eventually forgot about it.

When a good friend came down from Sydney, she requested for a good brekkie. That wasn't too hard, most brekkie in Melbourne are good anyways.

Initially I thought, Cafe Sweetheart but because we had to meet another friend at North Melbourne, I suddenly remembered... "Ah ha, Auction Rooms it is!"

It used to be the old WB Ellis auction house, which explains its name.

I also love how the menu had names going with the auction theme such as 'opening bid,  'counter bid', 'silent bid', 'shady deal' and well yeah you get the drift.

House made toasted muesli with vanilla honey yogurt & seasonal poached fruit
If you know me well enough, you will know for sure that I will never eat oats. Except for Milo oats, which I still don't really like. But at least it is a "healthier" option. But this... Man, oats never tasted any better. 

The Shady Deal - chorizo, hashed with spiced potato carrot & baked eggs, finished with fresh lemon and parsley.
"This is the real deal!" my partner in crime who came all the way down from Sydney, exclaimed as she dug into her stew. "It is soooooo good!" she continued. 

I tried, and true enough, it was full of flavour and I couldn't help dipping the flat bread into the moroccan tomato stew one huge piece after another.

Despite the struggle to finish it, I could see how much she was enjoying her food and that made me really happy for making a good decision to finally head to Auction Room.

La Fin de Elvis Presley - french toast filled with caramelised banana & rum puree & creamed peanut butter, served with crispy pancetta & vanilla cream
Definitely not your typical French toast - this is the best I've had! All the components were just perfect and went very VERY well together. Surely it is not healthy, but too yummeh for the tummeh! 

I've heard about how good the coffee is, but as you know I'm not quite a coffee drinker so I can't give you my verdict on that. But coffee lovers have raved A LOT so I'm pretty sure you can count on that. ;)

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They really do deserve all the hype that they get, and after our meal, we understood why there was such a long queue when we arrived. The half an hour wait was worth it.

And oh heck yes, I will be back for the pork belly.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i see you are spending your time nicely blogging, keep on going!

when are you going back for pork belly, we want to go for french toast!

Michelle Chin said...

I love the french toast loads too!

The Bakeanista said...

Joe, ready to go back when you are! Bet you've got heaps of other cafes on the list. :P

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