Thursday, December 1, 2011


 You can't really read the scribbles, can you? xD

Longrain has been on my to-go-list for a while now - I've heard nothing but good ravings about them, so when Cheryl asked if I was up for Thai fusion, I raised my hand and went, "Yeapppppp, sure thing!".

The first thing that stood out to me on the menu was this dish - Eggnet with pork, prawns, peanuts & caramelised coconut with cucumber relish. I see the word 'eggnet' and I was sold!

It does looks very interesting, doesn't it? Well, I thought so too, and I was very excited until I revealed the contents beneath the eggnet.

It seems like whoever who set the menu has very conveniently forgot to include 'bean sprouts'. Well yes, this dish is light, fresh, and full of flavour, BUT, it was basically just a mountain of bean sprouts.

What you see in the above picture does not justify the amount of bean sprouts that was served! Cheat my feelings. And for thirty-freaking-bucks... Oh, insanely expensive! It is so not worth it can?

Meh. We should have gone for the caramelized pork hock instead. But I blame them for not including 'mountain of bean sprouts' as an ingredient into the menu. #antibeansprouts

Thankfully though, the slow cooked peanut curry of Cape Grim beef with coconut cream saved the day! The meat was so tender, it simply melts in your mouth. Nice eaten just on its own, but even better with jasmine rice. Nuff' said.

My diet plan totally went "boooom!" down the drain, because the curry was simply too gooood, I had like 3 serves of rice! And yes, despite being stuffed, we just had to try the desserts. 

We wanted to go for the tasting platter, but our tummy spaces wasn't very accommodating. After much consideration, we decided to share the vanilla tapioca with jackfruit, young coconut and watermelon.

Man, the sorbet was oh-so-very-good! But what I don't quite understand was why they paired it up with the vanilla tapioca, as it didn't go quite that well together. Then again, that might just be me.

Longrain Melbourne on Urbanspoon

All in all, I was satisfied. Service was good with attentive staff ensuring we always had our water refilled, and ambience was brilliant for a catch-up or casual dinner date.

For some reasons, Longrain reminds me very much of Red Spice Road (which I love and have been to multiple times yet haven't had the change to blog about), and although I am very disappointed in the bean sprout egg net dish, I will definitely return again.

Just maybe not anytime too soon.

But the next time I'm up in Sydney, I'd definitely try out the Longrain branch there... hopefully that 'next time' will be some time soon.


msihua said...

Look at that eggnet!! Beautiful!

And I want some sorbet too!

The Bakeanista said...

They are beautiful no doubt, but the bean sprouts... puts me off!


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