Friday, December 9, 2011


Inspired by the street kitchens, hawker foods and vendors from Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, Gingerboy is where South East Asian cuisine meets Melbourne style with a contemporary edge.

The wait staff suggested 3 entrees and a main for two. But my dining partner and I decided to go for 1 entree and 2 mains, which we both kinda regretted towards the end of the meal.

For entree, we had crispy chilli salt cuttlefish, lemon and roasted sesame. Oh dear, the cuttlefish was so tender and delish. And the serving was rather generous for entree size.

I've been thinking long enough about the red duck leg curry, shallots, thai basil and coconut cream as soon as I saw it on the menu days prior. And I absolutely loved it!

It was a tad spicy, and I had to eat it with loads of rice. It was a shame I had quite a heavy lunch, and probably shouldn't have had so much rice, but the red curry was so yums, I couldn't help it! I kept wanting more curry, which also meant that I had to scoop on more rice.

We also had the roasted pork belly, green prawn relish, coconut salad. Oh dear, oh my, the crackling was sooooo good! And the combination was simply perfect - the relish went so well with the pork.

Unfortunately, we were both so stuffed at this point that we, two desserts-lover, had to turn down having any sweets at all. There were so many desserts on the menu that I so badly wanted to try! T'was quite a bummer, really!

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Gingerboy lives up to its reputation - all the ravings I've heard about them prior to my trip, they've got all the boxes ticked!

The serving was unexpectedly rather generous I must say, and I loved all three of the dishes we tried. The wait staff were all very friendly and service was just fantastic. 

The food was impressive and I'd love to return to try out the many other items on the menu. This time I'd make sure I starve myself prior so at least I will still have space for desserts after. And now, to put Ezard on my to-go-list. ;)


Michelle Chin said...

Nevermind, at least you can cut down your sugar intake. Rice is better than desserts. :)

Winston said...

Gingerboy! One place I've been meaning to try but never got around to. Always quite hesitant to pay too much for Asian food, so reading this review is rather comforting to know that it probably won't disappoint. Thanks for sharing! I was looking up Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Sydney and came across your blog haha... I've been here before so it's good to "bump into you" again! ;p

The Bakeanista said...

Winston, thank you for reading my blog. :)

I was the same, always hesitant to pay that much more for Asian food but have learnt to appreciate modern Asian a lot more these days.

For modern Asian, def give Red Spice Road, Chin Chin and Longrain a go too! :)

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