Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where art thou?

Gosh, it's been a really really long time since I last blogged. I've just been so busy with... life. At that point in time, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't find time to blog.

Work bogged me down, I got into a new relationship, and then off I went on a 5-weeks long holiday to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Of course, it's fair to say that those are merely just my excuses, although they are indeed true to a certain extent. But I have to admit, I did lose my interest in blogging. In fact, the thought of locking this blog down did cross my mind.

Yet at the same time, I thought about how much effort I've put into this project of mine. So instead, I just left my poor abandoned blog to sit here in its own lonesome.

But I've been thinking bout it for quite a while and you know what? I really do miss blogging. And I think I will try to get my mojo back. :)

I still take pictures of food whenever I'm out, probably not as much as before, but give me a little time, and I will be back. :)
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