Monday, April 18, 2011

Best gelati EVER! :D

To my surprise, I haven't actually blogged about my favourite gelati place - Il Dolce Freddo! I've been there like a gazillion times already until I've lost count, yet I've never written bout it? How can liddis? :P

If you've been to Melbourne and have never tried Il Dolce Freddo, might as well say you've never been to Melbourne. Well yes, that's how awesome Freddo's Italian gelati is! ;)

My favourite combo is Durian + Ferraro Roche! Their durian gelato taste so authentic it's just hard to say no! At times when I don't feel like having chocolate, I'd opt for the Fragola (strawberry) to go with my durian.

Or sometimes even, I'd go for their green tea. Or tiramisu. Or passionfruit. But regardless, it has to pair up with my favourite durian! No others can make their durian gelati taste as good as Freddo's.

But well, even if you don't like durian, it's still good because they have a variety of two dozen (or more) other flavours for you to choose from. Many of which I've tried and are also good!

Il Dolce Freddo on Urbanspoon
Take my words for it - this is the best gelati place I've ever been to in my LIFE. Ever since I started having Freddo's, I never looked back.

It's just too damn good. Fullstop. ;)


Michelle Chin said...

This place is the best!

Wendy @ OBesebaby said...

The Durian ice cream in here is so awesome !

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