Saturday, April 16, 2011

HK-style Pork Cutlet Sandwich

When I was in Hong Kong a year ago, I had this really good pork chop sandwich from Yee Shun Milk Company, that I swear I wouldn't mind eating on a daily basis. 

I have been craving for this HK-style pork cutlet sandwich (also known as 猪排三明治) for a good while now, and since I won't be going to Hong Kong anytime too soon, I had to replicate one.

A pork chop sandwich is made up of pieces of pork chop wrapped in between a fluffy omelette, and sandwiched between two pieces of lightly toasted white bread. And my secret key ingredient - mayo! ;)

Prepare one pork cutlet per person, using the same pork marinade from here. Similarly, coat evenly in corn flour but for the sandwich, you gotta ensure that it is pan-fried until well-cooked. Cut them into pieces and set aside while you prepare your omelette. :)

I used two eggs, lightly beaten with 1 tbsp of milk. Melt butter on a skillet until hot then add egg mixture in. Stir lightly until eggs set, then season with salt and pepper. The key to a fluffy omelette is not to overcook it.

Wrap the sliced pork cutlet in the omelette and place it on one of the two slices of lightly toasted and buttered bread. And here comes the bazooka bomb - drizzle as generously as you wish with mayonnaise (I prefer Jap's Kewpie mayo) then 'bam' and on goes the other slice.

Make a cup of milk tea (奶茶) and there, you have an inspired HK-brunch. Although it was no where close to the pork chop sandwich that I had in HK, but good enough for now to satisfy my cravings. :)


Michelle Chin said...

Brunch? I want this on 6am!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

At 6am? LOL! I'm not even up then! :P But you can have it at 6am for brekkie!

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