Friday, March 18, 2011

Takeru vs Tekaru?

I can't remember if the name of the restaurant was Takeru or maybe it was Tekaru? Hmmm... But heck, whatever it is called, doesn't really matter. What matters is that they serve uber nice Ebi Mayo Salad! ;)

And one thing I really like bout Takeru/Tekaru, is that they serve half-sized portions! I mean that's very uncommon in Australia and portions here are always way too big for me. So I was really happy to order my half-sized Unagi Fried Rice, catered for "small" eater, like me! Uh hem! :P

Although this place isn't very famous, and hardly ever been blogged about, I think Takeru/Tekaru is definitely worth a mention.

You may say that I am biased because I fancy Jap food a lot, then again, I can be quite a food snob criticizing my way through bad food.

So yeah, I enjoyed it and I hope that you'll learn to know bout this place so you can share your two cents about it with me next time. ;)

Takeru on Urbanspoon
Oh a search on Google tells me that it's Takeru! Ah, I love the power of the Net, although at times it can get a little scary storing all your data and information on the server. :$

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Michelle Chin said...

Hello small eater! I love unagi loads. :)

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