Sunday, March 20, 2011

BSB, my love.

Do you remember this super-duper-yummehlicious passionfruit tart from Bourke Street Bakery (BSB) of which I blogged about two months back? Every now and then, I think about this tartgasmic gem and hope if only BSB can move down to Melbourne.

But well, that's quite impossible. And considering that I won't be heading to Sydney anytime too soon, I decided to take matters into my own hands and guess what?

I baked my own passionfruit meringue tart with the recipe from Bourke Street Bakery! I am not trying to blow my own trumpet here, but heck, it was goooooooood. :D

The only disappointment is not having a kitchen blow torch, so my meringue did not turn out as pretty. But still, I didn't quite mind.

Having said that though, I'd make sure that I either buy or borrow a torch the next time I wish to bake this again.

Well, if you look at the recipe, you'd be shocked to see how the entire baking process was both tedious and arduous, but every effort put into making this tart was definitely worthwhile.

May I add that it is quite good an alternative before I can fly over to Sydney for a good ol' passionfruit meringue tart? Argh, I am drooling even at the thought of it, and I could really do with one NOW!


carol said...

this is will be in my to-do-list in sydney as well..

Michelle Chin said...

Looks are secondary if taste is great. Man, you're a true baker!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

carol: YES! that's a must! i'm pulling together a Sydney "to-go-places" post, so you can see where you'd like to go! :)

mich: thank you thank you! :)

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