Monday, January 17, 2011

At The Point

It was a fine evening after shopping, Jenna and I decided to go for a dinner date at The Point, just the two of us. (:

The Point is located by the lake at Aquative Drive, Albert Park. :)

I'd say it's a perfect place for a date. I mean, look, The Point has fantastic ambience and it is the sort of place you'd imagine to see a guy down on one knee, asking for his sweetheart's hand in marriage.

Having said that though, it is also a nice place to catch up with friends over dinner. :)

They were kind enough to offer us with a complimentary starter. I can still remember how fragrant this cauliflower soup was; it seemed like there was a hint of truffle in it. But we did not confirm with the wait staff if that was the case. Regardless, I'd say it's real good! :D

We went ahead with the mains, skipping entree. Jenna had the 250g pasture fed Cape Grim Eye fillet, served with red wine sauce.

Although they claim to serve the best steak in Melbourne, this was a disappointment. Both Jenna and I still reckon that the restaurant that deserves the "best steak in Melbourne" title has got to be Hotel Lincoln.

I, on the other hand, had the Onkaparinga Valley venison loin served with white asparagus, broccoli, and sauce grand veneur. Apart from the meat being a tad bit too rare for my liking, I kinda enjoyed it actually. :)

Jenna being Jenna, had to have sides to go with her main. :P And as usual she had to stuff me till my tummy's about to burst. She ordered the witlof served with nashi pears and hazelnuts salad, as well as the miserable potatoes below.

If memory serves me right, I think we paid $9 for this tiny bowl of roasted kipfler potatoes - super small portion, damn pricey, and not very tasty either. Pathetic! :$

Well, thankfully they offered us complimentary Pina Colada granita to cleanse our palettes.

And then we ordered dessert after. We had honeycomb and violet souffle, served with cocoa waffles and coconut sorbet. Though it wasn't that mind-blowing, but yums nevertheless! :) And may I warn you, the portion's really huge, so it's best to share.

The Point Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Although the food did not scream 'WOW', but it was still quite good nevertheless. And if anything, the view and ambience made up for it all.

I was just telling Jenna then that I wouldn't mind if my future boyfriend was to propose to me at restaurants like that, overlooking such a beautiful view. Really!

But thinking about it again now, I'd still prefer a restaurant with awesome mind-blowing food. *hint future boyfriend who might be at the other side of the globe, who knows!* :P


Kim said...

I've had many people recommend this place for steak, would you say this place is better than squire's loft (which was underwhelming)?

The view of the point looks amazing tho, and I'll definitely put hotel lincoln on my list of steak places to try :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yum....the view does look good though.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Joe, yeap it certainly does! :D

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I'd prefer squire's loft steak better than this. :)

Yes, please do give Hotel Lincoln a try and let me know what you think about their steak. Oh, it tastes best when cooked medium-rare! ;)

thanh7580 said...

I absolutely adore The Point. Despite their reputation for steaks, the three times I've been there I've had the lamb, and that is sensational. I must check out Hotel Lincoln for steaks.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Maybe if they did not claim to be the best in Victoria, it would have tasted better, psychologically. :P

Yeap, do let me know what you think about Hotel Lincoln after you've tried 'em yummeh steak. :D

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