Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh my yummeh-pie!

So, I've heard and read so much about Babka since years ago... It's just that I couldn't really be bothered going all the way to Brunswick just for a pie or tart. But I finally did, when mummy and Jay Yan were down in town a fortnight ago.

We arrived by tram at the corner of Brunswick and Johnston Street, and took a short walk along Brunswick St before we arrived at the much-talked-about bustling bakery cafe.

The smell of warm, freshly baked sweets and savoury with hints of coffee aromas was what that first attracted me before I noticed the pretty stencilled babushkas (Russian dolls) around its entrance.

My nostrils were accurate; we were welcomed with trays of freshly baked goodies, displayed behind the counter. I was really tempted to buy a loaf of casalinga home but decided against my idea as I was lazy to carry it all about the city as we were going sightseeing after.

The cafe was fully-packed, as per usual. Locals were enjoying their pies and soups, where many were seen reading the newspaper or catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee.

We were told that it'll be 'quite a wait' before we could get a table. 20 minutes passed, yet nobody stood up and the queue only got longer.

That was when my grumbling tummy got impatient, and I suggested to take-away instead. And hurrah, both Jay Yan and mummy agreed!

I was surprised to find the take-away price only half of what I'd have to pay if we were to dine-in. Being a cheapo, it was a good decision! xP

We walked to a corner, and gobbled our brunch, standing by the roadside. It was kinda awkward, but a funny experience nonetheless. :P

I'm sorry I couldn't take any close-up shots of the pies and sandwiches that we ordered, but I must say that they were REALLY good.

I had the 'beef, burgundy and mushroom pie' and absolutely loved it! I would definitely tram again to Brunswick for it, if I have company that is.

Jay Yan chose the 'spinach, cottage cheese and pine nut pie' and she reported that it was better than the ones that she had from award-winning 'Pie in the Sky' at Dandenong. :$

As mummy dearest wasn't a big fan of pies, she went ahead with the Nicoise sandwich - tuna, olivepaste, egg, and tomato in white sourdough. It was nice, but I reckon not as good as the pies. ;)

The next time I head back to Babka (it means grandma in Russian btw), I'd definitely try the desserts as well. The tarts and cakes looked kinda good too, especially the tarte tatin. Oh, nyum nyum nyum! ;P

Babka Bakery Café on Urbanspoon

If you're interested, check out the details and menu here. ;)

How to get there? Take the tram 112 from Collins St upwards.
You definitely wouldn't regret the short journey, I promise. :D


Michelle Chin said...

I read about Babka somewhere too, although I do not remember where.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I've read bout it so many times, I don't remember where too. But they were all good reviews. ;D

Jay Yan said...

babushka means grandma in russian but i have no idea what babka means. probably a short form? haha

- m i c h e l l e - said...

But when I googled babka, one of the results show that babka = grandma. LOL! Go ask ur russian fren if or not it's a short form.

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