Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flemington Racecourse Market

A couple of weeks ago, Jenna and I decided to head to Flemington Market which is held only once a month at the Racecourse. These monthly markets are different to that of Victoria Market. It was more of a mix of craft + farmers + foodie market.

The sun was shining gloriously that day, and the locals brought their kids and entire family to the market. The organisers were smart enough to bring in a clown to entertain the kids with balloons and tricks.

There were also many craft things that were suitable for kids, as well as for the adults. I'm sure parents had a hard time going, "No darling, you already have something like that at home. Let's pass this alright?" xD

This piggy frame caught my attention though. It's something that I'd consider buying, but after thinking twice about where I'd hang it, I would not buy it. It's cute and all, but I don't think I want it sitting on the wall of my living room. Don't ask me why.

There were also other things like wooden furnitures for pets, as well as plants and flowers for sale. Oh, I was so attracted to the lemon tree but seeing as I stay in an apartment, I can't possibly buy one home. :$

But being foodies, our main purpose really was to eat. We were prepared to get our tummies stuffed! There were all type of food - cupcakes, paella, fried squid, hot dogs, chocolate, and mini pancakes!!! :D

The queue for Mr. Poffertjes dutch pancakes was so long, I quickly assumed it was good and decided to get a plate to share with Jenna.

I ordered ours with butter and icing sugar, then self-serve with a tad bit of maple syrup, honey and a few squeezes of lemon.

And boy, it was soooooooo good!!! I almost walked back to get another plate, but decided against the idea since we had other stuffs to try.

JS Taikayaki was the main reason why we went all the way to the market. After reading about it on Tummy Rumbles, we were craving so badly for the imawagayaki (Jap pancakes) for weeks!

There was an almost similar drool shot of this matcha imawagayaki on Tummy Rumbles where Mellie captioned it with: "A fragrant maccha batter stuffed with honest-to-goodness sweetened red bean paste."

We were completely sold!!!

You have no idea how high our expectations were, and how excited we both were as we waited for the man, whom we thought was Japanese, to cook the imawagayaki's that we ordered.

While waiting though, we overheard him having a conversation with his assistant and it turned out that they were actually Chinese! *gasps*

We got a little skeptical, but did not want to make judgments right away. For all you know, a Chinese could make yummeh Jap pancakes, isn't it?

But as we bit into our imawagayaki, our hearts broke... We were so bloody disappointed! We ordered both the sweet and savoury pancakes, and sad to say, NONE was tasty. Yes, NONE!!!

The batter was tasteless and simply so bland. As for the fillings, they were just as horrible! The red bean paste was so diluted, and the smoked chicken and tuna tasted so similar we couldn't tell which was which. Ugh!

Ah, thank goodness for the good lemonade that we had after that though. At least it made up for the imawagayaki's which were really horrible beyond horrible. Considering we're both not that much of a food snob, this imawagayaki has to be THAT bad, mind you.

In the end, we threw all four of the imawagayaki into the bin and there goes our $12. I didn't have the mood to try anything else after that, or to take anymore pictures. I felt like I was conned! :( Jenna on the other hand, had a lamb hot dog before we left. Fortunately, it was kinda good.

Jenna said to never trust an ang-moh's tastebuds ever again, because theirs are very different from us Asians. :$ But I want to try to trust these fellow Aussie food bloggers just this one more time.

If you wanna prove both Jenna and I wrong, head to the next market on the 17th Oct and taste the imawagayaki for yourself. But while you're there, don't forget to get the dutch pancakes! Definitely no regrets. :)

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