Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kepala or Kelapa?

When I was young, I used to confuse myself every so often between both the Malay words: kepala (head) and kelapa (coconut). But of course I can tell the difference now.

Having lived here in Melbourne for 3 and a half years now, my Malay has deteriorated SO badly that I can't even make up a full sentence in Malay to save my life. Yes, it is THAT bad. It's sad considering how I used to top my class in Bahasa Melayu during those high school days. Oh wells.

Speaking of Malay, reminds me of home. I've been so homesick lately that all I crave for is Malaysian food. Especially my favourite CHICKEN RICE! :D Even after my visit to Malaysian Oriental Wok, I still wasn't satisfied. I needed more Malaysian food dosage!

It was in the middle of the night, at 2.36am when I told SuperKev, "Let's go for lunch at Coconut House tomorrow." And so we did.

They practice hawker style - order and pay at counter then wait for food to be served. The signs that were put up were very Malaysian too. It does give us a homely feel. Even most of the staff there were Malaysians. :D

When we first stepped in, it was full house and there weren't any seats available, except for a table or two outside. Thankfully a couple stood up, and we managed to secure our seats. Otherwise, we would have to brave ourselves in the cold outside. *shrugs*

My BBQ Chicken on Rice that costed me only $7.60, which is rather cheap considering Melb's standard food price. Moreover, this is the closest chicken rice you can get to Malaysia's roasted chicken rice. Only the chilly sauce needs a tad bit of improvement, otherwise it's more or less enough to satisfy my cravings. :D

I remember when I first had BBQ Chicken on Rice in Coconut House... Instead of serving us with a bowl of classic chicken broil, a bowl of peanut and pork rib soup was served to accompany our chicken rice. Thank goodness they realized that the peanut soup don't go well with chicken rice. ;)

SuperKev decided to go for the steamed hainanese chicken rice. I tried a little, and I didn't particularly enjoy it. So I sorta came to a conclusion: Roasted Chicken on Rice at Coconut House and Steamed Hainanese Chicken Rice at Malaysian Oriental Wok.

SuperKev was super greedy, he ordered a nasi lemak with fried chicken. Of course, I gave it a try. My verdict? I'd suggest you to go to Nasi Lemak House on Grattan Street if you want a good plate of nasi lemak.

Why, you may ask? The sambal tasted really weird and it was so spicy. I didn't like the rice too. It was too coconut-ish and sticky yet dry. The rice and the sambal are the most important element when it comes to nasi lemak... So yeah, you get my drift. ;)

But I heard that they serve pretty good wanton noodle with BBQ pork. Maybe someday I'll try, if I walk in and don't feel like eating chicken rice. Although I highly doubt that'll ever happen. Or maybe if you've tried, you can leave me a comment to tell me your verdict?

Tummy grumbling for some cheap Malaysian food? Easy peasy! ;)

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Head over to 449, Elizabeth Street to rumah kepala kelapa, peeps!


nana0709 said...

aiyaaaaaa tempting me only so bad...T_T

- m i c h e l l e - said...

whenever you feel like eating this for lunch or dinner, just call me! i'll teman you! :D

nana0709 said...

i've turned into a hermit ever since 2 weeks ago................sitting my ass on the study chair and in front of comp with the mountain of notes sitting gleefully smirking at me...and this situation will not improve until the 18th of june....T_________________________________________T

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Awwww! *pats pats* Another 2 weeks to go only! You can do it nana! But IF you feel like taking a break (if time permits of course) and meet up for lunch, I'm ALWAYS available for you. :D

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